Smaller Side of Life (2)

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The Smaller Side of Life
Festival Hollow Eve Festival 421
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Gnome shops, Armor shops, Cambrinth shops, Clothing shops, Container shops, Food shops, Shield shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[The Smaller Side of Life]
Fanciful murals create an oversized forest across the walls serving to highlight the surfaces used to display the many wares. A low branch wrapped in honeysuckle arches over a carved ruby mushroom with large opal spots. Sitting next to a vine-wrapped archway is a silversteel tree strung with tiny firefly filled jars, while across the room is a small silver door flanked by a tiny white spiritwood cupboard and a tidy curly birch shoe rack. A silk curtain embroidered with leaves hangs between two painted trees. You also see a wooden sign.
Obvious exits: none.

A wooden sign reads:
"All clothing in this room is Gnome only 
save the items in the spiritwood cupboard."

In the spiritwood cupboard
Item Price Done
long ice breaker's coat of seal fur and stuffed down 180,400   
regal mink fur cap lined with soft Elven wool 496,100   
stormy blue winterweave cloak lined in plush Elven wool 270,600   !!
short-sleeved cotton shirt painted with a tiny Gnome carrying a Kaldar on his back 9,020   !!
bloomers of delicate Albarian lace with ruffled bottoms tied by tiny bows 586,300   !!
glacial blue winterweave sochi lined with snowy white frost opal icesilk 405,900   !!
gear-shaped spiritwood medallion 225,500   
austere inky black ruven crafted out of dragonar 496,100   !!
A white paper note reads:
"In honor of the great heritage of the Gorbesh people, we proudly present to ALL our customers these fine wares. ALL races can wear the items in the cupboard. Enjoy!"

On the low branch
Item Price Done
dainty stormy-blue winterweave ball gown patterned with silver-lined clouds 360,800   !!
floor-length ethereal white tutu dress with an ice sapphire halter top 315,700   !!
charming sky-blue pinafore dress over white ruffled petticoats 45,100   !!
long double-tailed dress jacket of dark bluefire velvet with two small buttons 586,300   !!
cuffed formal pants of dark blue icesilk with minute ivory pinstripes 45,100   !!

On the ruby mushroom
Item Price Done
small slate slacks stitched with tiny seams 4,510   !!
spun rainbow leggings bedazzled in tiny whimsical rainbow sapphire patterns 135,300   !!
pint-sized overalls fastened with bronze buckles 9,020   !!
petite pair of cotton pants with flared bottoms 4,510   !!
poofy metallic blue tutu with strips of white lipka cotton ribbons 180,400   !!
icing pink tutu sprinkled in teensy bits of spring emeralds 90,200   !!

On the silversteel tree
Item Price Done
dark starlight velvet vest with two front pockets 405,900   !!
v-neck argyle sweater in grey and blue 7216   !!
little button-down shirt closed with a slightly askew bowtie 4,510   !!
sleeveless empire-waist blouse patterned with tiny daisies 4,510   !!
long sleeved cotton shirt dotted with shiny ruby apples 9,020   !!
comfy cotton shirt painted with "Rollin' with my Gnomies" 4,510   !!

On the shoe rack
Item Price Done
soft small sealskin moccasins 90,200   !!
dainty pair of icesteel spun glitter slippers 225,500   !!
teensy pair of canvas slippers with asymmetrical seams 4,510   !!
tiny pale blue wizard boots with crumpled pointy toes 586,300   !!
little loafers adorned with a single copper Lirum 9,020   !!
itty-bitty pair of combat boots with icesteel grommets 225,500   !!