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Under DR 3.0, Light Blunt and Medium Blunt have been combined into the Small Blunt skill. Each weapon type still exists separately, but they will both work off of this skill.

Spells and abilities that boost Small Blunt

Spells and abilities that decrease Small Blunt


Small Blunt Weapons

There are two weapon types included in this skill:

  • Light blunts
  • Medium blunts

Light blunts

Light blunt weapons are the smallest and lightest category of blunt weapons. Generally considered underdeveloped and underpowered, they do not enjoy wide popularity, though they can be used by Thieves for their ambush stun ability. Most halfling oriented weapons are light blunt.

Medium blunts

Medium blunt weapons are a great step above light blunt weapons. They, similar to medium edged weapons, lack the power of the large and twohanded blunt weapons. There are several good store-bought varieties available as well as several versions sold at festivals.


An effective combo is dodge > feint > bash > sweep > draw > swing The dodge and feint can be omitted without sacrificing TOO much balance.

Recommended weapons

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