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Opening and Closing Dates

Passes for the maze cost 1,000 SimuCoins each. Players who are attending Hollow Eve receive some complimentary passes to the maze.

Instance Opens Closes Box Office
Prime November 4 TK SimuCoin Store
Plat November 4 TK SimuCoin Store
Fallen November 5 TK SimuCoin Store

Official Description and Announcement

The Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze is a massive labyrinth set up in the corn fields of Arthe Dale to celebrate a bountiful harvest! It's fun for both adventurers and commoners, with spooky delights and haunted passageways. The maze becomes considerably spookier at night! With a small token entry fee, you can explore the enormous maze and gain prizes!

Like many other recent events, there's no box office scheduling to deal with! Runs through the maze are individual, and you can go anytime you want, with whoever you want! One ticket in will give you an hour within the maze to explore and even help out the people of Arthe Dale if you like! And if you've managed to get all the way to the end of the maze in one hour, you will get an extra prize!

The Corn Maze is sponsored by the guilds of Crossing, and thus is set up specifically with adventurers in mind. But to keep it more open to the general population, only certain parts of the corn maze are really dangerous, and it's usually quite obvious where. That being said, there is an element of real danger everywhere in the maze, due to some circumstances beyond Arthe Dale's control.


  • Protect the harvest by fighting off blight locusts in the northeast part of the corn maze
  • Also protect the harvest by fighting off murder crows in the southwest part of the corn maze
  • Find people (or animals!) who are lost in the maze and need to be escorted out
  • Find specific landmarks inside the maze
  • Treasure hunt!
  • Keep your wits about you as the haunts inside try to frighten you!
  • Watch out for the Scarecrow!
  • And more!


Aside from items found inside the corn maze, there will be weapons, armor, clothing, and more!

Outfit Glamours

Outfits are a new kind of magical glamour that work in a very similar way to the item hiders. However, instead of just hiding your existing items, it will also take on the appearance of items that you do want to show, without needing to actually wear them! This does NOT harm the original item in any way, and an item can be glamoured to more than one outfit at once. Up to fifteen items can be applied to a fully unlocked outfit, and there are three kinds: Normal clothing and trinkets, jewelry, and armor.


  • Outfits hide everything you're wearing except what is in the outfit. You can still use the 'always show' mechanics to make a hidden item you're wearing visible again, though.
    • NOTE: For F2P folks, an outfit will still show the stored item appearances, but will not hide the other things you are wearing.
  • Unlike black shadowsilk cloaks or moonsilver pendants, these do not hide or change your features in any way.
  • Outfits are generally worn, but you do need at least one item saved to the outfit in order to wear it. You can't wear an empty outfit!
  • Outfits also show your item appearances in the order that you stored them. You can make sure you store them in an order that you like by using TURN to select which of your spaces you save each item appearance to.
  • The main reason to have jewelry and armor outfits is that you can wear one shimmering outfit, one jewelry outfit, and one armor outfit all at the same time, so if you have an outfit in mind that has more than the allotted slots in it, you can create it. However, you cannot wear two of the same kind of outfit together.


Arthe Dale (down a path at the hilltop outside entrance)



All mobs flex to your skill level.


You can ask the halflings or the gor'tog farmer found within the maze for tasks. Some tasks teach skills. The first ten tasks completed while in the maze reward 10 kernels each. Tasks beyond that reward 2 kernels each.

You may cancel a task using ASK HALFLING FOR TASK CANCEL, but a cooldown timer will be applied preventing you from getting a new task for a short while.

Exploring the Maze

  • "Okay, we'd like you to find and touch some of the landmarks in the maze! It'll be fun!"
  • "Okay, we'd like you to go find my fellow Halflings working in the maze and give them a good poke in the ribs for me! There are five of them."
  • "Okay, we'd like you to go to each section of the maze and let out a good scream! It'll make the corn maze extra spooky. There are nine sections of the maze, but if you scream in five that'll be enough."

Search Tasks

  • "Okay, we'd like you to search out some of the grasshoppers that are running around in the maze, snag them and bring them back to us. About ten will do." (Perception)
  • "Okay, we'd like you to forage some corn in the maze and bring it to me. Make sure it's ripe! Ten pieces will do." (Outdoorsmanship)
  • "Okay, we'd like you to search out some golden tokens in the maze. About ten pieces will do!" (Perception)

Maintaining the Maze

  • "Okay, we'd like you to make some scarecrows in different sections of the maze! To do this, find a good spot and BUILD it until it's done. Five total should do it." (Mechanical Lore)
  • "Okay, we'd like you to go pull some weeds out from between the corn. It's pretty thick in some areas. Clearing out ten areas will be appreciated." (Athletics)
  • "Okay, we'd like you to disarm some of the traps that have been put around the maze by some mischief-makers. Five will do." (Search/Perception Disarm/Locksmithing)
  • "Okay, we'd like you to chase out some of the mice that are hiding in the maze. I know they might be cute, but they're pests. You just have to WAVE your hands at them until they run from the maze. If you chase away about ten that'll be great!" (Performance)

Defeating Enemies

  • "Okay, we'd like you to kill some of the locusts in the green growth area of the maze. Ten of them will do."
  • "Okay, we'd like you to kill some of the murder crows in the ripened field area of the maze. Ten of them will do."
  • While not tasks themselves, finding and killing The Scarecrow (rare spawn in locust area) or Harawep's Spider (rare spawn in crow area) can reward you with kernels.

Messaging for Too Many Tasks

"You've done an awful lot of tasks really quickly. You can still take tasks, but they're not going to be worth as much. If you want you can leave the maze and come back in again."

Incidental Loot












End Treasure


  • Weapon and armor tiers are based on common expectations of durability stats. Please appraise all items in game before purchasing.
  • There is now "a wide trail that leads around to the end of the corn maze" that can take you to the original prize room without having to redeem a pass and go through the maze.
  • 30 kernel prize weapons and armor are tier 5 durability.
  • 60 kernel prize weapons and armor are tier 6 durability.
  • 90 kernel prize weapons and armor are tier 6 durability and may have rare materials, special verbs, or other mechanics.
  • The kernel cost listed is for Prime. Platinum costs are reduced by 1/4.

Light armor arrangement (30 kernels)

Item Type Details
heavy roughspun mask with exposed bits of straw padding armor: light eyes
heavy workgloves crafted with woven straw decorations around the wrists armor: light hands
thickly layered roughspun aventail woven with flexible straw armor: light neck
heavy roughspun cap displaying errant pieces of straw poking out of the seams armor: light head
bluish green leather gloves with decorative clawed fingertips armor: light hands
scaled blue-green leather helm armor: light head/neck
leather mask sculpted to resemble a dragon's maw armor: light eyes
padded steelsilk hood trimmed with smoky brocade armor: light head/neck
padded steelsilk mask with brocade edging armor: light eyes
pair of steelsilk sleeves adorned with heavy bands of brocade armor: light arms
pair of brocade gloves with intricate steelsilk threading armor: light hands
draconic leather helm with ivory teeth armor: light head/neck
scale-embossed leather mask set with dragonfire amber armor: light eyes
pair of scale-embossed leather gloves armor: light hands
pair of supple leather gloves patterned with autumn leaves armor: light hands
streamlined leather helm of mottled oxblood and harvest gold hues armor: light head/neck
smooth leather mask dyed deep harvest gold armor: light eyes
khaddar gloves with heavy padding along their backs armor: light hands
pair of khaddar pants wrapped in thickly braided strips along the legs armor: light legs
draping hood of khaddar lined in armure armor: light head/neck
dashing khaddar mask edged in strips of fine armure armor: light eyes

Wide armor display (30 kernels)

Item Type Details
trimetal chain gloves worked in a tree pattern armor: chain hands
trimetal chain balaclava studded with razaksel squirrels armor: chain head/eyes/neck
apple red great helm crested with thealstone worms armor: plate head/eyes/neck
thealstone-inlaid heavy plate gauntlets armor: plate hands
mask of pallid links stitched to moonspun silk padding armor: chain eyes
moonlight-hued chain gloves with a visible silken lining armor: chain hands
gleaming bronze pot ingeniously repurposed into a great helm armor: plate head/eyes/neck
pair of articulated gauntlets made from welded-together spoons armor: plate hands
pair of heavy plate gauntlets done in a vibrant mix of glaes and steel armor: plate hands
great helm embellished with multihued glaes fire armor: plate head/eyes/neck
asini chainmail mask edged with blackened steel crows armor: chain eyes
chain helm crafted from alternating links of asini and blackened steel armor: chain head/neck
blackened steel chain gloves with asini knuckleguards armor: chain hands
blackened steel chain greaves with asini kneeguards armor: chain legs
heavy bronze-hued pot lid shield: small poor (5/26) to good (12/26) protection

Slender weapon rack (30 kernels)

Item Type Details
glaes spider set with a large libger's eye stone weapon: light thrown/medium edged 30 stones
blackened steel machete inset with spectrolite along the grip weapon: medium edged 30 stones
gold-inlaid steel scythe with a carved oak haft weapon: halberd 50 stones

Flat bale of hay (60 kernels)

Item Type Details
windsteel thrusting blade with whorling whirlwinds along the blade weapon: medium edged 30 stones (added November 19)
layered glass jewelry box with silver filigree fittings container contains: verby outfit
square cast iron skillet with a darkened oak handle magic makes grilled cheese
polished steel war sword capped with an amber sphere weapon: heavy/twohanded edged 45 stones
belaying pin of oak studded with brass beads weapon: medium blunt 40 stones
copper-inlaid steel maul with a carved ivory grip weapon: twohanded blunt 80 stones
blackened steel short sword etched with a silver lightning bolt weapon: light edged 15 stones
heavy iron mace with a raging rooster head weapon: medium blunt 40 stones
kapok-framed aquarium housing contains fish
bright white silk sack container contains: snowflake-themed suit
etched steel spatha with a wire-wrapped hilt weapon: heavy edged 35 stones
blackened steel gladius capped with a marble sphere weapon: medium edged 30 stones
wiirwood pilum with a bright bronze tip weapon: heavy thrown/pike 35 stones
steel pugio with a hilt of braided whitethorn weapon: light edged 10 stones
lamellar hauberk crafted of enamelled bronze armor: brigandine torso/arms/legs
tall tower shield painted a mottled green and gold shield: large fair (8/26) to exceptional (18/26) protection
twisted black scepter covered in tiny spikes weapon: light blunt 25 stones
star-headed steel flail with a firestained chain weapon: twohanded blunt 65 stones
etched steel kaskara hilted with witchclaw weapon: twohanded edged 75 stones
glossy walnut gavel banded with etched brass weapon: light blunt 20 stones
heavy steel hara with a witchclaw grip weapon: heavy blunt 50 stones
soft suede instrument case clasped with a diamond drumstick container contains: tabla (percussion)
lustrous purpleheart telescope case banded with silver filigree container contains: telescope
pale golden moneybelt subtly embroidered with silver thread clothing holds 20 coins
winged helm of sleek black leather armor: light head/neck

Large wooden barrel (90 kernels)

Item Type Details
carved ironwood staff magic holds 4 runestones
grey glass ring jewelry eye-changer
maned helm of enameled steel armor: brigandine head/neck
curved scythe with a leather-clad handle weapon: halberd 50 stones
small book bound in crimson fabric titled "In Freedom's Name" magic creates lockpicks
small blue steel shark with a hinged tail item lighter
small white goat pin surrounded by a cage of woven twigs jewelry goat pin
clouded glass armband strung with a constellation of tiny stars jewelry shows constellations
burnished gold viper charm jewelry atmospheric
small metal monkey holding half of a Trothfang fire pepper to its mouth item lighter
crystal wand magic changes colors of some items
zenganne cloak clothing weather cloak
windsteel battle axe with a leather-wrapped kapok grip weapon: heavy edged 45 stones
heavily-etched windsteel cinquedea bearing an unadorned ring on the hilt weapon: heavy edged 40 stones
pale oak rod capped with a blue glass teardrop magic freezes target (fixed on 11/22/2016)
frosted glass ring edged with swirls of ultramarine magic creates a spirit shield (fully unlocked)
sturdy khor'vela staff inlaid with tiny veins of cambrinth weapon: quarterstaff holds 36 mana (50 stones)
darkened steel back-sword with an intricate gold handguard weapon: heavy edged 40 stones

Body armor stand (90 kernels)

Item Type Details
asini chainmail shirt featuring blackened steel accents armor: chain torso/arms
heavily padded steelsilk robe with an inset brocade front panel armor: light torso/legs
serpentine double leathers tinted in pale frosty shades armor: light torso/arms/legs
colorful plate armor set with a sleeping dragon done in multihued glaes armor: plate torso/arms/legs
sleek autumnal-hued leather bodysuit armor: light torso/arms/legs
formal-looking khaddar shirt with armure lining armor: light torso/arms
set of hulking battle plate crafted from cookery tools armor: plate head/eyes/neck
grazhir-pale chain robe decorated with a silver crescent moon armor: chain torso/legs
shiny plate armor enameled the bright red of an apple armor: plate torso/arms/legs
trimetal chain hauberk with engraved razaksel shoulder plates armor: chain torso/arms/legs
suit of articulated leather armor scuplted to appear like dragon scales armor: light torso/arms/legs
heavy roughspun hauberk edged in gingham armor: light torso/arms/legs

Long wooden table (200 kernels)

These weapons are tier 5 durability and have special mechanics for magic users.

Item Type Details
darkened steel scythe affixed to a twisted cambrinth haft weapon: halberd T5 weapon and holds 200 mana (50 stones)
wheaten-hued staff incised with myriad runes weapon: quarterstaff T5 weapon and a universal ritual focus (50 stones)

Makeshift counter (250 kernels)

Item Type Details
shimmering outfit hider/glamour displays any item
jewelry outfit hider/glamour displays jewelry
armor outfit hider/glamour displays armor

Promotional Prizes November 11 through November 13

Rickety wagon (450 kernels)

Item Type Details
thick imperial weave cloth crafting material 15 yards
large tyrium bar crafting material 4 volumes
large silversteel bar crafting material 4 volumes
large icesteel bar crafting material 4 volumes
diamondwood limb crafting material 4 volumes

Promotional Prizes: November 18 through November 22

Small curio that looks slightly larger than it did before (100 kernels)

Item Type Details
golden Gnomish gadget magic embiggening device

Silver tray (150 kernels)

Item Type Details
sturdy aformosia wristcuff shaped like a baguette magic creates food

Crooked rack (275 kernels)

Item Type Details
elongated black haversack clasped with a grey button container 18 x 13 x 8 (1500 stones) + Rebecho ties
cloth-of-gold baldric clasped with an onyx scorpion container can hold up to five weapons of any size
elongated black backpack clasped with a grey button container 18 x 13 x 8 (1500 stones) + Rebecho ties

Large cloth-covered table (500 kernels)

Item Type Details
silversteel mesh dagger harness banded with ice sapphires container weight-reducer/comes with T5 throwing dagger
cloudy glass bottle with a leather-clad cork magic captures and releases a creature


a tall Gor'Tog

Towering high above the tops of the corn, the Gor'Tog really sticks out in the field. Dressed in purple leather overalls fastened with yellow buttons, the Gor'Tog wanders the cornfield with a book in his hand and a stoic look on his face.

a carefree Halfling

Dressed in green leather overalls fastened with black buttons, the Halfling wanders the cornfield with a single playing card in his mouth and an apathetic look on his face.

a cheerful Halfling

Dressed in brown leather overalls fastened with large silver buttons, the Halfling wanders the cornfield with a stalk of grass in his mouth and a cheerful look on his face.

a grumpy Halfling.

Dressed in black leather overalls fastened with white buttons, the Halfling wanders the blighted area of the cornfield with a pipe in his mouth and a very sour look on his face.

a tiny Halfling

Dressed in orange leather overalls fastened with green buttons, the Haflling wanders the field with a doll in his hand and a neutral look on his face.

a tired Halfling

Dressed in grey corduroy overalls fastened with blue buttons, the Halfling wanders the cornfield with a half-eaten apple in her hand and an exhausted look on her face.


The tall Gor'tog and the Halflings share the same responses.

  • corn: A tiny Halfling looks at you and replies, "You're standing in the corn now. We basically have the harvest from one of our bigger fields and left most of it up for now! Feel free to explore as much as you want, it's lots of fun!"
  • maze: A tiny Halfling looks at you and replies, "It's huge! I don't know how they did it. But there are several sections to it. About nine, I'd say! The green growth and the ripened field have some aggressive crows and an infestation of locusts inside, but the rest of the maze is pretty safe. Though it gets pretty spooky at night!"
  • crows: A tiny Halfling looks at you and replies, "The murder crows are huge pests. Literally. They're in the ripened field, stealing the corn. It's so aggravating."
  • fun: A tiny Halfling looks at you and replies, "There's lots of fun to be had in the corn maze! Just ask me if you want a task to do while you're in it, or start exploring!"
  • outfits: A tiny Halfling looks at you and replies, "The outfits are great, and the perfect thing for Hollow Eve! See, what they do is magically remember when you APPLY items to them, and then you can wear the outfit all at once! The best part is, you don't need to keep the original item in order for your outfit to have it, it'll save it until you replace it with something new!"
  • dragon: A tiny Halfling looks at you and replies, "Yeah, the corn maze is in the shape of a sleeping dragon! It's pretty cool."
  • arthe: A tiny Halfling looks at you and replies, "Arthe Dale is our village! It's nice and quaint and quiet. This is the most exciting thing to happen to it in years!"
  • dale: A tiny Halfling looks at you and replies, "Arthe Dale is our village! It's nice and quaint and quiet. This is the most exciting thing to happen to it in years!"
  • hollow: A tiny Halfling looks at you and replies, "Yep! We're running alongside Hollow Eve this year. So when you get tired of shopping, or dying in their games, you can come here!"
  • eve: A tiny Halfling looks at you and replies, "Yep! We're running alongside Hollow Eve this year. So when you get tired of shopping, or dying in their games, you can come here!"
  • spider: A tiny Halfling looks at you and replies, "Do you mean Hollow Eve's Giant Spider, or the Spider in the corn maze? Yeah, both of them are pretty creepy."
  • scarecrow: A tiny Halfling looks at you and replies, "The Scarecrow is said to haunt the ripened field. It's really spooky!"
  • locusts: A tiny Halfling looks at you and replies, "The locusts are terrible! They're all in the green growth. They already wrecked part of the field and then they moved over there."
  • blight: A tiny Halfling looks at you and replies, "The blight was caused by the plague locusts. They basically ate most of the corn and poisoned what was left. That entire part of the field is a total loss."
  • help: A tiny Halfling looks at you and replies, "You'll need to go back into the maze to help out more."
  • escorts: A tiny Halfling looks at you and replies, "Yes, the maze is massive! Sometimes people get lost in there. If you spend too long in the maze, we'll escort you out of there."
  • prizes: A tiny Halfling looks at you and replies, "We have lots of nice prizes at the end! We'll give you some silver corn kernels for doing things in the maze, and you can exchange those for the prizes."
  • kernels: A tiny Halfling looks at you and replies, "Yes, the silver corn kernels will go in a little bottle that we can give you. Make sure you're wearing the bottle while you're in the maze so that we can easily give you the kernels! They're way too small to just carry around. The bottle's got a little pin so you can stick it on your clothes."
  • bottle: A tiny Halfling looks at you and replies, "I can give you a bottle if you don't already have one!" You get handed a tiny glass bottle, which you quickly pin onto your clothes.
  • task: A tiny Halfling looks at you and replies, "You're already on a task. I'll repeat it to you! So we'd like you to search out some golden tokens in the maze. About ten pieces will do!"

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