Skyward Crafting (4)

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Skyward Crafting
Festival Hollow Eve Festival 421
# of Rooms 5
Store Type Crafting shops, Forging shops, Outfitting shops, Alchemy shops, Engineering shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Skyward Crafting, Shop Floor]
A path of clouds floating upon a sky-blue backdrop leads to a billowing counter situated in the center of the shop. The painting's detail expertly obscures the multidimensional throw rugs used to create the illusion. The shop's workers reinforce the illusion by jumping from cloud to cloud as though a careless step would result in certain death. You also see a sky-blue door.

[Skyward Crafting, Radiant Engineering]
Angled mirrors raised high against the roof direct beams of torchlight about the shop floor. Carefully positioned metal, stone and bone artwork gleams under the warm glow, and helps to illuminate the wares in this section of the tent. You also see some metal tinker's tools, some metal tinker's tools, a cloudy shelf with several things on it, a puffy rack with a couple of things on it, a brilliant yellow cabinet, a sunglow-orange dais with a couple of things on it, a glossy-red bench with a few things on it and some smoke-grey hooks with a few things on it.
Obvious exits: west.

On the cloudy shelf
Item Price Done
some glaes rifflers fitted with vein-covered enameled handles 6,765   No
a glaes awl with a gilded basswood handle 36,080   No
a dull puce wood shaper fashioned to resemble a large earthworm 360,800   No
a brilliant orange wood shaper with an amber handle 6,765   No
some thick orange clamps 13,530   No
some angled yellow clamps 13,530   No
some textured clamps 13,530   No
some tomiek tinker's tools with an assortment of bone handles 144,320   No
On the puffy rack
Item Price Done
a decrepit iron bone saw covered in rust 99,220   No
a tomiek bone saw capped with a dead rat 144,320   No
In the yellow cabinet
Item Price Done
a jar of lumpy polish 22,550   No
a jar of pock-marked polish 13,530   No
a jar of glistening polish 13,530   No
On the sunglow-orange dais
Item Price Done
a damite drawknife capped with an hourglass-shaped ruby 360,800   No
a bulbous tomiek drawknife fashioned to resemble a fleeing octopus 9,020   No
On the glossy-red bench
Item Price Done
some sunny-yellow wood glue 13,530   No
some deep-orange wood glue 13,530   No
some hazy-grey wood glue 22,550   No
On the smoke-grey hooks
Item Price Done
some pale-brown stain 13,530   No
some saffron stain 13,530   No
some charcoal-grey stain 22,550   No