Sketchy By Design (5)

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Sketchy By Design
Festival Hollow Eve Festival 414
Owner Aguisian
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Miscellaneous shops, Housing shops, Thief shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Sketchy By Design, Gallery]
Polished red oak sheathes the walls and floor of this spacious room. Several paintings and sketches adorn the walls, their steady line broken only by a full-length mirror and the painted black door leading into the artist's workshop. You also see some wooden steps leading out.
Obvious exits: northeast.

[Sketchy By Design, Supplies]
Polished red oak sheathes the walls and floor of this spacious caravan. Various jars and trays sit on a table along the back wall, each filled to overflowing with writing utensils. You also see a simple wooden easel with a couple of things on it.
Obvious exits: southwest.

On the easel
Item Price Done
varnished mistwood-framed portrait 90,200   
dark hickory-framed painting 90,200   
In the glass jar
Item Price Done
heavy steel stylus with a detailed engraving of dancing pivuh 4,510   No
polished nickel stylus with a niello inlaid circus scene 13,530   No
blue mistglass stylus inlaid with a grinning ivory clown 18,040   No
On the glass tray
Item Price Done
broad goshawk feather quill with a thin platinum tip 31,570   !!
long white swan feather quill with a thin silver nib 13,530   !!
slender kestrel feather quill tipped with a polished gold nib 22,550   !!