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Siryn Mistbringer
Status: Dead
Guild: Bard
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Type: guild leader
Associates: Silvyrfrost

Siryn is most famous for refounding the Bard Guild in Elanthia. She trained many bards in secret and when they were strong enough they returned to the public eye. However, some dark rumors surrounded her, including one rumor that she hired Yalleck's grandfather to kill Karovaas. She was killed by the Dragon Priest Tenebraus on the day the Crossing Guildhall opened, in 349 AV. Silvyrfrost, one of Siryn's students, assumed leadership of the Crossing Guildhall on Siryn's death.

Siryn Returns

The following vision was seen by Bards across Elanthia prior to Siryn making her journey home.[1]

Your vision clouds for a moment before revealing the figure of a tall, dark-skinned Elven woman walking through stone passageways. She enters a room with a desk, turns, and sits down, a relieved sigh passing from her lips as she breathes the word, "Home." She vanishes, and your vision returns to normal.

Trading Card

Siryn Mistbringer is the most prominent of the Bards in modern times, the one who lead the movement to re-establish the Bard Guild's hold in city of the Crossing. She trained in secret the Bards who would later become many of the Guildleaders and merchants known throughout the lands, and only when a strong following was established dared to bring to the public mind the whispers and promise that Bards could yet thrive again. The fire of her determination is legendary among Bards, and it was because of this and her strong will that her spirit was able to open the doors of a new Bardic Guildhouse in Crossing, even as her body died on Tenebraus's blade.

Appearance just before her death

You see Siryn Mistbringer, an Elf Bard.
She has silver eyes, shoulder length straight platinum hair that is now matted and bloody, and clammy black skin.
She has terrible injuries all over the body. It looks as if someone took a knife to her flesh and peeled much of it back over the arms, chest, and leg regions. Her face is badly slashed, and she looks worn and sickly.

She is wearing the tattered remains of a silver gown, a beaten black leather case, and an empty sword scabbard.