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The following products have been permanently discontinued from the store.

Jump Jewelry

30 (Real Life) Day Duration

Jump Jewelry
Item Price Done
amethyst tailband affixed by a silver wolf - Katamba 250   No
belled bellychain with interlocking discs - Xibar 250   No
blackened iron finger-claw - Katamba 250   No
chipped cardinal-red orb dangling from a small-linked golden chain - Xibar, set to Ilaya Taipa 250   No
chrysocolla medallion inset with tiny circles of malachite - Yavash 250   !!
gentleman's signet ring crested with a rampant lion - Katamba 250   No
hastate cloak clasp of incarnadine-streaked glaes - Yavash 250   No
ivory eyelid piece inset with an intricate cloisonne design of an unblinking cat-slitted amber eye - Xibar 250   No
polished silver ring accented with tiny moonstone cabochons - Katamba 250   
translucent quartz brooch inset with an iniskim willow tree - Xibar 250   No
wide platinum armband pierced with a repeating twin-crossed axe design - Yavash 250   No

30 Use Duration

Jump Jewelry
Item Price Done
black onyx haircomb shaped like a tarantula - Katamba 250   No
blackened yellow orb dangling from a length of turquoise silk - Yavash, set to Raven's Point 250   No
blue lace agate beaded bracelet - Xibar 250   No
bronze toe-ring banded with goldstone - Yavash 250   No
carved red jasper earcuff shaped into a dragon - Yavash 250   
elaborate diadem of interwoven rose gold knotwork dangling sprays of ruby beads - Yavash 250   
feathered fascinator set with peacock frills and lace - Yavash 250   No
gleaming silver knight's chain - Xibar 250   No
golden hip-chain dangling draping tiers of onyx beading - Katamba 250   No
heavy iron cuff with scratch marks - 30 uses, Yavash 250   
hyoid cravat pin of deep green amber - Yavash 250   
loosely-coiled beaded prayer rope - Katamba 250   
pair of bezel-set sky blue thealstone cufflinks - Xibar 250   No
platinum ankle chain with white calcite beading - Xibar 250   No
plain black iron ankle fetter - Katamba 250   No
red calcite beaded anklet dangling several music note charms - Yavash 250   
series of thin cloisonne anklets in a variety of bright hues - Xibar 250   No
smooth platinum torque capped by carved rounds of ivory - Katamba 250   No
wide orichalcum toe-ring carved with stylized images from the night sky - Katamba 250   No

60 (Real Life) Day Duration

Jump Jewelry
Item Price Done

60 Use Duration

Jump Jewelry
Item Price Done
burnished ruby amulet surrounded by a ring of polished bronze - Yavash 450   
glossy lapis lazuli earring inset with a cabochon-cut sapphire - Xibar 250   No
jade pendant engraved with a tree-shaped design - Xibar 450   No
polished onyx pendant surrounded by seven sparkling diamond stars - Katamba 450   !!

90 (Real Life) Day Duration

Jump Jewelry
Item Price Done
azurite eyebrow stud flecked with malachite - Xibar 650   No
blued steel stickpin capped by a jade cabochon - Katamba 650   No
bone nose-spike detailed with sanguine etchings - Xibar 650   
carved adderstone band - Katamba 650   No
polished steel band with beveled edges - Yavash 650   
steel locket engraved with a set of crossed lockpicks - Yavash 650   No

90 Use Duration

Jump Jewelry
Item Price Done
defaced cameo with a blackened silver backing - Xibar 650   
golden intaglio pinky ring - Xibar 650   No
heavy bronze bracer edged in bloodgems - Yavash 650   
ornate anlora-avtoma nose stud - Katamba 650   
star diopside eyebrow stud - Katamba 650   No
witchclaw torque with basilisk teeth tips - Yavash 650