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This is the older version of the bar room. Previously, there was no MENU option, rather a table set up with free food.

[Silver Eye, Bar]
A tall Elothean stands behind a slender obsidian bar serving drinks and food. Pale silk cloths cover round wooden tables. The thick scent of elven wine permeates the air. Flickering candle lights hover softly, their soft illuminations casting shadows around the room. You also see a refreshment table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: south.

On the refreshment table
Item Price Done
a wheel of sharp cheese coated with chives and dill 0   No
a steaming cauldron of a delicious snowbeast stew 0   
a platter of savory grilled cougar tenderloin and wild root kebabs 0   !!
a clay platter of flakey cream-filled tarts covered with fresh blueberries 0   
some cream-dipped strawberries 0   
a flagon of Elven frostwynne 0   
a woven basket filled with some crunchy fried peccary skins 0   
a tray of caramel flavored butter creme petit fours 0   No
a steaming carafe of rich hot chocolate topped with whipped cream 0   DG
a clear glass pot of Elothean jade tea 0   
some large fresh shrimp 0   No
a creme-filled crepe drizzled with strawberry sauce 0   No
some spicy chicken wings 0   DG
a mug of honey pear mead 0   
a crystal bowl filled with creamy Elven frostwynne flavoured with snowpears 0   
a gold platter filled with tiny snowbeast sausages skewered with little sword-shaped sticks and served with a spicy radish dip 0   
an silver urn of strong black coffee 0   DG
a bowl of blood-red cherries topped with golden frosting 0   No
a carafe of golden champagne 0   No
a barrel of iceberry mead 0   
a glass of cow's milk 0   
a shallow bowl of jade-colored tea sorbet 0   

In the treasure chest on the refreshment table
Item Price Done
a string of marshmallow pearls 0   No
a mint rock candy emerald 0   
a cinnamon rock candy ruby 0   
a piece of licorice shaped like a royal sceptre 0   
a rock candy diamond 0   No
a blueberry rock candy sapphire 0