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Province: Therengia
Currency: Lirum
Population: Unknown
Established: ??
Alternate Names: None
Dominant Race: Rakash
Dominant Guild: None
Government: None
Guild Halls: None
Patron Deity: None


A small Rakash village some distance from Langenfirth out in the wilds of Therengia.

Prominent Residents






After having been a large, nomadic pack for many years since they had fled Lyras in their Western homelands, the Rakash who would form Siksraja secretly petitioned the Baron of Therengia for leave to settle upon a small area of land within his domain, so that they might finally begin to recreate some of the lifestyle their ancestors had once held dear.

The Baron, understanding of the fears of these Rakash and their desire to live in peace and safety, as well as out of compassion for everything they had endured and lost during their ancestors' war with Lyras, allowed them this. Thus, the village of Siksraja (Tiny Home in the Rakash language) was born, and thus its residents felt deeply indebted and grateful to the Baron who had taken them in, protected their hidden location, and provided them with a great deal of autonomy in exchange for only their pledge of loyalty to the Province should their help ever be needed to protect its citizens from danger.

Over the years, several wandering Rakash merchants and other Rakash who had been scattered during the diaspora joined the original inhabitants when the village elders decided to reach out to them, and the village expanded a small bit, beginning to erect some more permanent buildings where previously they had continued to use very portable ones out of feeling the need to be able to flee again at a moment's notice.

The village elders finally felt safe enough to reveal their location after Lyras' final death in 397, and the still fairly small village was shown to outsiders by the merchant Cefrit of Odcoru, who was amongst its residents. A formal road was cleared in preparation for this, and Siksraja has been accessible to visitors, and to those Rakash who might decide to move there, ever since.




Task givers

There are currently no known task givers in Siksraja.



Map 149 - Siksraja