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Role-playing command for Rangers to make a variety of signs that can be seen by other Rangers.
SIGN (non-Ranger)

You see: You wave your hands around without having any clue what you're doing.
Others see: <Player> waves her hands around.

Usage for Rangers


Barbarian <Player> dances their fingers about.
Bard <Player> covers both ears in pain.
Cleric <Player> holds out both palms and slowly raises them.
Commoner <Player> runs their finger back and forth over their lips.
Empath <Player> strokes their arm.
Mage <Player> points forward and waggles their finger.
Paladin <Player> puffs their chest out.
Ranger <Player> holds a flat palm above their eyes.
Thief <Player> drags two fingers across their eyes.
Trader <Player> makes a big-belly motion and bloats their face.
Necromancer <Player> turns two fingers in a circle and then makes a slicing motion


Attack <Player> waves their fist forward.
Axe <Player> makes a chopping motion.
Bow <Player> puts their fists together and pulls one back.
Dead <Player> sticks out their tongue and closes their eyes.
Enemy <Player> slams a fist into their palm.
Fight <Player> shakes their fist.
Hurt <Player> cradles their arm.
Kill <Player> drags a thumb across their throat.
Run <Player> runs their fingers across their palm.
Snipe <Player> points two fingers downward and quickly snatches them in his other hand.
Spear <Player> makes a stabbing motion.
Sword <Player> makes a slicing motion.
Weapon <Player> pounds their fists together.


Come <Player> waves towards themself.
Gather <Player> makes a circular motion near their feet.
Go <Player> waves their hand forward.
In <Player> points into a fist.
Out <Player> puts their two fists together and opens them away from them.
Stop <Player> holds up their palm towards you.
Join <Player> cups their hands and locks them.
Path <Player> holds their two thumbs side by side.


Climb <Player> makes a climbing motion with their fingers.
Forage <Player> holds their hand like it's broken.
Hide <Player> motions to duck and hides their face.
Search <Player> scrapes one hand with the other.
Skin <Player> drags their flat palm across their head.
Stalk <Player> places one palm behind the other.
Swim <Player> brings their cupped hand forward and pulls it back.
Tend <Player> circles their arm with their hand.
Track <Player> walks their fingers across the ground.


Baby <Player> folds their arms and rocks.
Crazy <Player> waggles a finger at their temple.
Dig <Player> scrapes one hand with the other.
Drink <Player> tips a cupped hand towards their mouth.
Drop <Player> turns over their cupped palm.
Woman <Player> taps both hips.
Friend <Player> brings both fists to their chest.
Hello <Player> brings their fist to their shoulder.
I/Me <Player> taps their chest.
Look <Player> points to their eyes.
Love <Player> places their arms across their chest.
Man <Player> taps both shoulders.
No <Player> shakes their head.
Quiet <Player> holds a finger up to their lips.
Think <Player> points to their head.
Trap <Player> holds a fist near the ground.
Touch <Player> touches the back of their hand.
Tree <Player> opens their fist as they raise it.
Twit <Player> rubs their thumb into their palm.
Water <Player> makes a wavy motion with their hand.
Tired <Player> sticks out their lower jaw and blows up across their face.
Help <Player> puts their two hands out and fans their face.
Cold <Player> crosses their arms and rubs their biceps.
Listen <Player> cups their hand to their ear.
Poison <Player> takes two crossed fingers and jabs them into their neck.
Smell <Player> taps their nose.
Club <Player> makes a pounding motion.
Wall <Player> pushes their two palms outward.
Mountain <Player> makes a large arching motion with their hand.
Trail <Player> holds their two index fingers side by side.
Danger <Player> crosses their wrists.
Hot <Player> wipes their hand across their forehead.
Companion <Player> rubs their hand over their heart.