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A sigil scroll or sigil-scroll is one of the base components used in the Enchanting system to create new magical items. These can currently be purchased from Enchanting Society Crafting Halls or gathered via the Sigil harvesting system.

A sigil-scroll will have 2 metrics that determine the overall quality, Clarity & Precision.

Clarity or Quality is similar to other materials, and will factor into the overall finished quality of your enchanted piece.

Precision is a metric unique to sigils and determines the crafting effectiveness. (GM Kodius post) The precision used for calculations will be an average of all the sigils used in your crafting project. For example, let's say you had sigils of 40, 50 & 80 precision, that would create an average functional precision for the project of 170 / 3 = 56 precision. (GM Kodius post)

A previous similar version of the sigil scroll was part of the Constellation Jewelry system (pre-2019) and is not functional in the Enchanting system at this time.

Sigil Types

Additional information may be found on the crafting materials page.



Guild (planned)

  • A failed sigil scribe, such as doing a SCRIBE SIGIL before you have PERCIEVED one, will result in an any sigil.
  • Example: a blurry any sigil-scroll comprised of broad strokes

Sigil Quality

Gathered sigils will have 2 material statistics, clarity (quality) and precision (hardness).

The clarity is similar to other material qualities, where the closer to 100 the sigil is, the better the sigil. There are specific terms associated in the end result of the sigil associated with the numeric quality of the sigil.

  • note: The below table needs values confirmed as more data is gathered from the system
Numeric Amount Sigil Descriptor Notes
100 ? possibly quest/auction quality only?
99 immaculate
90-98 flawless
80-89 exquisite
70-79 intricate
59-68 detailed
49-57 distinct
39-46 clear
29-35 simple
20-27 rough
9-18 crude
1-6 blurry

Sigil Precision

The precision of a sigil will determine how difficult the sigil is to work with on an Enchanting project.

  • note: The below table needs values confirmed as more data is gathered from the system
Numeric Amount Sigil Descriptor Notes
1-29 broad strokes
30-44 thick strands
45-59 many fibers
60-74 thin lines
75-89? fine lines May go higher
92-?? delicate lines May start lower