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Siendra Vauns'Arotru
Status Active
Race Rakash
Gender Female
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime

Siendra Vauns'Arotru (Previously Heira)

Race: Rakash

Guild: Warrior Mage

Title: Lady of Frostbite

Element: Water

Deity: Coshivi/Eluned

Relationship Status: Single

Si5.jpg Artwork by FaizalHanura at FaizalHanura on SketchMob

Physical Description

Softskin: Siendra has a swirl of glittered snowflakes painted on each cheek, a single snow violet tinged with purple that rests behind one of her ears, thick-lashed speckled seafoam-green eyes and a freckled nose. Her silver-streaked dark brown hair is long and wavy, and is worn in a deceptively careless-looking arrangement of upswept locks held in place by a dainty circlet of Siksrajan apple blossoms and kuwinite strewn with ruby shards. She has warm caramel-hued skin and a slender figure.

Moonskin: Siendra has a classic lupine face with a swirl of glittered snowflakes painted on each cheek, a single snow violet tinged with purple that rests behind one of her ears and luminous zila eyes, a brindled and silver coat, a long floofy tail and a slender figure.

Siendra Gif.gif Avatar created by Damiza at Kirin Artistry

Wearing: Siendra is wearing a dark silver crown engraved with swirling snowflakes, a pale opal ear cuff decorated with a tiny diamond snowflake, a glacial blue winterweave sochi (cloak) lined with snowy white frost opal icesilk, a white silk robe shot through with ice blue threads, a glittered icesilk satchel accented with tempest sapphire panthers, an elegant scabbard embroidered with a hunting scene in silver, a grey leather armband adorned with onyx carvings, a pure white velvet case clasped with a platinum snowflake, a low-slung pair of billowy white gauze pants gathered close at the ankles, a plated leather thigh quiver inset with gems representing the elements and a pair of white leather boots trimmed with silver-tinted snowbeast fur.

Special Alterations

  • an elegant scabbard embroidered with a hunting scene in silver
    • Shimmery threads worked deep into the fabric depicts a pair of companions frozen in a timeless hunt. In it, a lean Rakash Warrior Mage stands alert with her blade in hand, while shards of ice dance around her. A great panther crouches protectively at her side, its fur glistening as though it were underwater.
  • a plated leather thigh quiver inset with gems representing the elements
    • Plated in thin watered steel metal resembling waves of flowing liquid, the quiver gleams with an array of glittering stones inset along the face, their coloration a thoughtful depiction of each planar element. Brilliant blue sapphires and terra-brown crystals portray water and earth while sky blue agates and soft grey pearls pay homage to air and aether. Near the center, a lone lightning amethyst reveals its golden inclusion in honor of its element, though a representation of fire appears oddly absent.
  • a howlite-studded darkstone vilks kodur with a spiraled applewood haft.
    • The head of this traditional Rakash weapon has been wrought to appear as though a murder of crows are taking flight from it. Edged in the black-veined gem, each wingtip is sharpened to shred the flesh from the target. In stark contrast, the haft has been carved in a soft, flowing pattern reminiscent of an arctic wind with small frostflare opal motifs interspersed to reinforce both the grip and wintry disposition of the weapon. A vilks kodur reads: "Rad censtawt rans kodur!"
  • an icesteel stamp with a mistsilk-wrapped handle
    • An item marked with this stamp will show the message: You see an image of a prismatic snowflake with tiny tendrils of ice bursting from its core. In the center, the impression of frosted letters form a fractured "S.V.A." impressed into the material's surface.
  • a dark watersilk bag wrapped in winterweave with a sculpted snowcatcher lotus
    • Quilted in a hexagonal pattern to mimic a snowflake's crystalline structure, the iridescent gauze shimmers against the dark blue, evocative of an immutable glacier.  Secured atop the flap, the icesteel bloom - said to be a sign of graceful fortitude - is caught mid-furl, its frosty petals tinged with translucent violet.  Across the bag's surface is a scattering of small rust-hued cambrinth discs, half hidden under the glitter of crushed frostflare opals, the look reminiscent of snow covering a rocky beach.
  • a scintillating uzil odaj clasped with a Katamba spinel
    • Reminiscent of thawing ice, iridescent threads of winterweave overlay shimmer brightly, while ripples of shifting blue uzil mimic a river's struggle beneath the frozen likeness.  The luxurious fabrics are designed to cascade together over the shoulders and drape the body in perfect complement to all forms.  The lone ebon gem, faceted into the likeness of an apple blossom, secures the garment at the wearer's heart.

History and Personality

  • Although raised in a Pack, she always felt a draw to know more of the world. At 15, she left Siksraja on her on own and traveled as far and wide as she possibly could.
  • When upon finding herself in Crossings, and seeing the various guilds available, she decided to remain in order to learn a trade.
  • Always having had a love of weapons, and finding a new thrill at the thought of magic, she chose the Warrior Mage guild.
  • Her and her familiar companion, Rin, train to strengthen Siendra's own Pack. She hopes that her skills will offer not only protection, but also uphold a sense of curiosity.
  • She trains every weapon she can, and has since taken up forging to make her own and share her appreciation of a beautifully crafted blade with others. She has successfully gained her Maker's Mark and hopes to begin taking on client orders.
  • She and her horse Nikns (meaning "fierce" in her native tongue) have come to enjoy jousting whenever possible.
  • Ever since entering the Plane of Electricity, she's been toying with the idea of finding the other Planes of Elements...specifically, WATER.
  • Siendra has established an unofficial Pack, Sfek Vauns Arotru, successfully organizing Moots and banding her people together.

A snowflake may be a self-sufficient thing, but it is only with its brethren that it creates a winter's day.

Familiar Companion

Rin, a lissome russet panther with rivulets of azure rippling through its fur.

Channels of variegated blue flow through the furtive feline's auburn coat, wending in a pattern reminiscent of light refracting aimlessly underwater. Every movement the beast makes with its graceful body is as fluid as water itself, accented by flashes of silvery tipped fur sporadically scattered across its pelt like slivers of ice. With bright lapis eyes the panther scrutinizes its surroundings with a keen awareness, its thick tail twitching.