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Status Active
Race Elothean
Gender Male
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime

I was raised by my aunt Leuktheal, in Ilithi. She had always told me that my mother (her twin sister) was dead, and she didn't know who my father was.

My mother went missing without a trace many months before her death. When my Aunt felt her pass away, she went to a distant shrine to Alamhif during a tempestuous rain storm, and prayed for the return of her family. Her request was granted in dramatic fashion, when the clouds directly above the shrine parted, revealing the constellation of the magpie. The starlight from that opening gathered tangibly upon the shrine until it glowed brightly, and I appeared upon it. Though I was just an infant she said she could see her sister in my face, and knew that I was her child. She named me Sideron. She said it meant "anointed in starlight."

While she was standing there next to the glowing shrine protected from the rain, but distracted with me, a dark figure approached her. She didn't see him, until it was too late. He was trying to incapacitate her, at first, but then began simply trying to take me. While they were struggling, the shrine suddenly released the starlight outwards in a wave of energy. The stranger was knocked back, though the energy wave passed harmlessly through my Aunt and myself. The rain began to pour forth once more, and my Aunt fled through the dark back to her home with me cradled in her arms. My mother's soul never returned.

I had a fairly typical and happy childhood. I received a pretty normal education, and my Aunt was a good provider. We didn't see the stranger again until I was 15 years old. My aunt went missing in a similar manner to my mother. I spoke to the authorities for over a week, trying to get help in finding her. They could do nothing. However, at that point, my aunt was suddenly returned to me by a mysterious shadow mage named Safframelia.

My aunt told me what had happened. She was abducted by the same stranger that had assaulted us at the altar. He took her to the laboratory of a bone elf necromancer. There she learned that she was to become a test subject for the necromancer's experiments.

The necromancer had been attempting to increase his elven fertility for many years. Learning of the existence of Ambassador Catrayth, he had decided to extend his experiments to elotheans. My mother had been one of his earliest test subjects in this line, and his only near success. While the process he used on her was able to maintain my strength and health while in the womb, it killed my mother. He was disappointed with the result of a non-Elf child, and acting on impulse killed me, as well. Finding that my soul strangely survived by the grace of the Immortals peaked his interest, though. He sent his professional abductor to retrieve me, but the attempt was thwarted that night at the shrine by divine intervention.

After years of further testing, none of his other elothean-based experiments had been yielding any positive results, so he decided to try one last time using the twin sister of his previous near success: my aunt. Fortunately, Safframelia overheard my pleas with the authorities. She said that the dark moon Katamba had revealed to her that I would one day become much more powerful, so she decided to become an ally. Her abilities allowed her to find and free my aunt from the necromancer. She also agreed to help us hide from the necromancer and his agent.

That night while I was sleeping, I became possessed by the necromancer, through some form of blood magic, without me even realizing it. I didn't harm anyone, but my eyeballs turned a solid blood red, and I surveyed my surroundings silently. Safframelia noticed, and surreptitiously pointed it out to my aunt. The next morning they informed me of what had happened. We ended up deciding to enroll me in the explorer program in Zoluren, until I could figure out another way to protect my mind. This would allow us all to live in relative safety, for now.