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The SHOP command allows you to see the wares in most shops. You can type SHOP by itself to view the the items that hold goods for sale, and you can also type SHOP <ITEM> to view the goods for sale on it. Finally, you can type SHOP <GOOD> to view basic information about it, such as where it's worn, what it looks like, and how much it costs.

This also works on Trader Market tables.

Since you are on a newer Front End, you can open the Shopping window and view all of the output in there. To do this, type SHOP WINDOW.

Additionally, if you have links turned on, you can click on items or goods in the window to use the SHOP verb on that item. If you click on the topmost link, it will take you back to the previous list.

Player-owned shop commands

Traders who own shops in the market plaza have access to special options:


You can use SHOP PRICE to alter the price of an item after it's been put up for sale:

SHOP PRICE [ITEM] {on/in surface} for [PRICE] - Sets the price of the item.

As with selling an item, you are required to put down a deposit based on the sale value of the item. See the SHOP SELL information for more details.


You can reserve an item for purchase by a specific buyer. To do this, you can enter SHOP RESERVE [ITEM] {on surface} FOR [CUSTOMER]. This will reserve the item for the customer for four anlaen. When the reservation expires, anybody can purchase the item again. You will be unable to reserve that item again for twelve anlaen.


Shows you what your customers would see if they used the SHOP verb.


There are two distinct uses of SHOP REMOVE - Removing items and removing customers.

SHOP REMOVE [CUSTOMER] escorts the target customer out of your shop. They will be unable to return to your shop for a specific period of time. By default this is two anlaen, but you can change that using SHOP TIMERS.

SHOP REMOVE [ITEM} {from container} is how you can remove an item from sale. You must have a free hand to do this.


If a customer is being especially disruptive, you can use SHOP BLACKLIST [CUSTOMER]. This will place the customer on a 'no entry' list that the guards will keep a close eye on, and they will not allow that customer to enter the shop. A blacklist entry lasts for ten Elanthian weeks (10 RL days) by default, which can be changed using SHOP TIMERS BLACKLIST. There is a non-refundable fee of one silver per Elanthian week for every person you blacklist this way.

If you would like to remove somebody from your blacklist prematurely, you can use SHOP BLACKLIST REMOVE [CUSTOMER]. You will not be refunded your fee for the extra work that the guards had to do to keep an eye out for that customer.

[Note: You can only blacklist a customer that is logged in.]


Currently your shop is set to be open from {hour} to {hour} Eastern.

[SHOP SCHEDULE HELP for more information.]


To specify your shop's automatic schedule, you can use any of the following syntax:

SHOP SCHEDULE [Hour][PM|AM] to [Hour][PM|AM]
SHOP SCHEDULE [HOUR] to [HOUR] - Assumes a 24 hour clock.


SHOP SCHEDULE 12am to 4am - holds your shop open between 12am and 4am.
SHOP SCHEDULE 12 to 16 - holds your shop open between 12pm and 4pm.

Your shop can be held open for {number} hours. See HELP SHOP for more details about your shop.

[NOTE: Your shop's schedule is in Eastern Standard Time, during the Real-Life day.]


You can currently set two timers:

SHOP TIMERS BLACKLIST ### - Number of days that your future blacklists will last.
SHOP TIMERS REMOVAL ### - Number of hours that your removal will last.

NOTE: Blacklisting can last up to of 90 days, and when you blacklist somebody, it costs one silver per day that you blacklist. Removing a player from your shop is free, and can be enforced for up to six anlaen.


This command allows you to change the width of the Transaction Notes column when you read the ledger in the back room. If you choose the ADVANCED option, you can specify the exactly number of characters that will show up, giving you complete control.

You can specify: [narrow | medium | wide | expansive | advanced ###]


This command allows you to change your shop's name. To do this, you need to use SHOP NAME [NAME]. Your shop's name can be between 5 and 32 characters long, and it costs 5 platinum Kronars to do so.

[All shop names are subject to the Dragonrealms vulgarity and pronouncability policies.]


This pay period, your shop has:

-Made {number} sales for a total income of {number} Kronars.*
-Incurred a total of {number} Kronars in expenses.
-A current bank account of {number} Kronars.

* This amount will be credited to your shop's bank account at the end of the pay period, which will end in {number} andaen ({number} RL days). Your rent this pay period will be {number} Kronars.

Note: The above use of "andaen" is incorrect. It should read "Elanthian days" as 1 andu = 4 Elanthian days = 1 RL day.[1]


To indicate that your shop sells a particular kind of good, you can use the following commands:

SHOP CATEGORIES LIST - List all of the categories available.
SHOP CATEGORIES [CATEGORY] - Toggle whether your shop sells goods of a particular category.

Categories of item your shop sells:

{selected categories}


Available categories for your shop:

Magical Devices
House Items

Note: Specifying 'everything' will override all of the other categories you have set.


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