Shield:Ornate tower shield embossed with a snorting destrier

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ornate tower shield embossed with a snorting destrier
Look: An ornate acanth leaf border trims the decorative shield, outlined with a channel of glistening crimson gems. Cresting the blackened center of the shield is a gilded warhorse in full barding, expertly etched to show the minute details of the wild-eyed steed, its right foreleg raised as if pawing the ground.
Type: Large Shield
Hindrance: significant (10/15)
Protection: very poor (4/26) to high (14/26) protection
Damage: no (0/28) puncture damage
no (0/28) slice damage
very great (12/28) impact damage
Balance: poorly (3/17)
Suitedness: reasonably (7/17)
Construction: marginally vulnerable (8/18)
Metal: Yes
Weight: 200 stones
Appraised Cost: 1 Kronars
0.8 Lirums
0.722 Dokoras
1.0e-3 LTBpoints
1.0e-3 Tickets
1.0e-3 Scrips
Dimensions: 15 length x 7 width x 1 height
Sources: gift of the Order of the Theren Guard (21 Shorka 413)