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Shay Naideen's
Event Magma Festival
Owner Unknown
# of Rooms Unknown
Store Type Unknown
This store only accepts Kronars

[Shay Naideen's, Fine Clothing]
Multi-colored pastel bunting streams from the ceiling to the tops of the walls, then flows to puddle on the floor. The billowing drapery is tied with slender golden cords trimmed with tiny metal stars and fake coins. Some spotted, short-haired floor skins are layered into a makeshift carpet, and a full-length mirror is set on one side of the room. Clothing -- men's, women's and some indeterminate -- is displayed around the area. You also see a tent flap, an open sock drawer, a bentwood hatstand with some stuff on it, a wooden mannequin with some stuff on it, a full-length mirror and a velvet mannequin with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the bentwood hatstand
Item Price Done
fuzzy plaid beret with a pom-pom on top ?   !!
wide-brimmed hat mottled with rain stains ?   !!
knitted stocking cap with earflaps ?   !!
floppy fabric bonnet bedecked with a profusion of silk flowers ?   !!
double-horned velvet headdress interspersed with fake jewels ?   !!
green felt flat hat adorned with an immense sheaf of gidii feathers ?   !!

On the wooden mannequin
Item Price Done
burgundy double leathers decorated with bright yellow sunbursts ?   No
burgundy leather sheath accented with an array of gold beadwork ?   !!
golden mask with gilt features rendered in tiny beads ?   No
pair of burgundy leather gloves stitched on the backs with small sunbursts ?   No
golden leather quiver deeply tooled with burgundy spirals ?   !!
pair of burgundy leather boots accented with beaded gold starbursts ?   No
gold and burgundy camocas cloak edged with black soutache trim ?   
black cendal pouch decorated with an array of round golden beads ?   !!
gold and burgundy leather backpack with a golden starburst clasp ?   

On the velvet mannequin
Item Price Done
floor-length sleeveless satin gown dyed in deep wine-red hues ?   !!
elbow-length red satin gloves covered with silver beadwork ?   
dark red headband stitched with roses in silver thread ?