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GameMaster Shalnhh
Rank SGM
Type Onsite
Tenure Past

Positions & Contributions

  • GM at start of DR
  • S'Kra Mur and S'kra language
  • Became onsite staff.


You notice a dark, shadowy aura about Shalnhh.

You see Arcane Lord Shalnhh K'atrech, a Human.

He has crystal green eyes, is bald, and has dark brown skin.

 Shalnhh has transcended time.

He is in good shape.

He is wearing a gold nose-ring, some finely articulated gauntlets, a blood red dragon-painted shield and a Dragon Priest hierophant's full-length ceremonial robe in deep burgundy brocade trimmed with gold (and not the kind those nasty fanatics would ever wear, either).

Entrances & Exits

You hear the sound of distant hoofbeats, and turn to see a coal-black unicorn, its mane and tail aflame. As it thunders toward you, you make out the reptilian shape of Shalnhh, clutching the steed's fiery mane with gauntleted hands. Just when you're sure he's going to ride you down, Shalnhh brings the beast to a barely-controlled halt and dismounts, letting it wander off to graze.

Shalnhh gestures, and a huge black unicorn trots into view, snorting and tossing its fiery mane. He leaps onto the unicorn's back, and they tear off into the distance at a ground-devouring pace.