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Mm thumb.jpgMoon Mage Guild
Abbreviation: SHADE
Requirements: 35th Circle?, Cantrip knowledge
Difficulty: None
Type / Skill: cantrip / -
Path: Progeny of Tezirah
Description: A Shaderald is a type of shadow creature employed specifically by the Tezirites to act as a herald of their coming. When not in use, the creature stands around for several minutes, making odd gurgling noises, then vanishes.
Effect: Creates a Shaderald to announce arrival.
Messaging: When the caster enters the room:
The shaderald's hooked beak suddenly opens abnormally wide as a vaguely Human-like face appears in its mouth and screams in a gurgling voice:
"All hail the arrival of <name>, Master of Shadow!"
It closes its beak and swallows hard.


  • This cantrip is taught by the Progeny of Tezirah sect representative.
  • Ask shaderald for <direction>
A <descriptive> shaderald shambles northeast, off to herald your arrival there.


The shaderald drifts in and out of your field of vision like smoke, as if it were not wholly substantial. Though difficult to focus on, what you can see of the shaderald is bulky and four-legged, with a massive hooked beak that it angles awkwardly forward. Shadowy feathers flicker from its form now and again, dissipating as they fall away while others ruffle up to take their place.

Possible Variants

  • a hideous shaderald
  • an opaque shaderald
  • a shadowy shaderald