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Sfolstikena NoRoken'Vilks
Status Active
Race Rakash
Gender Female
Guild Trader
Instance Prime
Relatives Augrawans, Khearkrash

The Story of Ena

    The eldest child of Rakash Sellswords who made a living guarding a trading caravan that traveled between Forfedhar and Shard, Ena was raised from a young age in the art of combat.  In her formative years, though, she discovered she did not want to pursue that life and instead wanted to strike out on her own, as an artisan of a different sort: one who makes masterful works of steel with fire and anvil.  Unwilling to honor her wishes, the parents of Ena refused to let up her training and went so far as to try and keep her away from the merchant children, leaving her to spend most of her free time with the mice that followed the wagons.
    But she would not be dissuaded.
    Under the cover of night while her parents were on patrol she would steal away from her wagon to watch the blacksmiths work, and maybe learn something along the way.
    On one such occasion, while the caravan was overnighting at Raven's Point, Ena decided she was going to wander into the settlement to search out metalsmiths...or more accurately their forges.  Unbeknownst to Ena, the caravan would be raided that night by Dragon Priests.  Casualties were heavy.  When Ena returned to the wagons, she found her mother and father both slain, along with many of the children she grew up with and many of the elderly.
    She would be taken in by the weaponsmith and her husband, at least for the time.
    Forging became life for Ena, she spent most of her waking time perfecting every in and out of the art, every hammer swing, every bellow gust, every possible flaw.
    Years went by and Ena unfortunately would suffer more loss.  Both of her adoptive parents would die within a year of each other to join the Great Pack.  With no business to her name, and no wagon to make a business from, she left her adoptive siblings to the caravan and headed to Shard as she had heard the forging society there was looking for workers.



You are Shopkeeper Sfolstikena NoRoken'Vilks, Weapon Specialist of Shard, a Rakash.

You have an oval face, sparkling topaz eyes and a glossy obsidian-hued glaes nose hoop resembling an ouroboros through the right side of a classical nose. Your blue-black hair is very long and curly with deep blood-red dyed tips, and is worn in a deceptively careless-looking arrangement of upswept locks held in place by a carved ironwood haircomb embellished with amethyst nightshade blossoms. You have pearlescent skin and a set of tiny uhlari prism constellations following the lines of a curvaceous figure. You are slightly under average height for a Rakash.

You are a cub-herder.

You have a pair of smooth glitvire-framed goggles resting across the bridge of your nose. Tinted the palest shade of green, cable chains wrap around the protruding crystal lenses before overlaying the adjustable diamond-hide straps. You are in good shape.

You are wearing an ebon dreamweave fascinator with a merlot-tinted Elothean lace veil, a curved silver earcuff tipped with an orchid alexandrite, a sweeping farandine rantija (cloak) pinned with silver at the shoulder, a small cut amethyst mouse pin with a curled wire tail, an intricate pair of green gold-framed clockwork wings with pale jaspe feathers, a capacious dreamweave lootsack whorled with a maze-like pattern, a large heartstring lace skunk with wide-set aurora opal eyes, an amber snakeskin blouse, a spiraled silver armband cradling an orchid alexandrite, a simple silver ring set with a frosted glass ghost orchid, a petite wedding ring of black gold vines twined around a merlot ruby, an interlocking white gold hip-chain set with a single violet heart amethyst, some gingham overalls decorated with tiny white bows, an abyssal black thigh bag and a pair of distressed leather shoes.



Item Tap Look
an ebon dreamweave fascinator with a merlot-tinted Elothean lace veil The fashionable headpiece sits angularly atop the head when worn, so its rich reddish-purple Elothean lace veil can drape over the face. An ornate floral arrangement wrought from shadow tursa sits along one side of the fascinator, and directly in the midst of the blooms is a miniature forge with a tiny mouse seemingly hard at work hammering at a merlot ruby.
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Item Tap Look
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Item Tap Look
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