Sfek Vauns Arotru

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Caution.png Note that the following article is not necessarily accurate due to this group's status as a player-run organization. Because these types of articles are maintained by players about players, there is always the risk of alteration due to malice or desire for anonymity. This page will be monitored by the staff; please do not allow it to become a battleground. -The Elanthipedia Moderators

Who We Are

Sfek Vauns Arotru
Translation: "Strength Together"

During the time of the Great Migration, the Rakash people were uprooted from their homeland. As we scattered and resettled across the eastern provinces of Kermoria, most long-established packs were fractured and fragmented. This devastation of our traditional social units left a ragged wound in the collective psyche of the eastern Rakash, for we are One, and the Pack is everything to us. In the east, packs have become smaller, and even the unthinkable happened: many of our kind have become isolated and alone.

Sfek Vauns Arotru is a pack based on choice rather than on blood. We are a loose collection of Rakash from all over Elanthia. We cherish friendship and fellowship, and we seek connection with our ancestral tradition, even as we forge our way in the modern world. We welcome the lost and the seeking. We invite communion with traditional packs whose numbers have dwindled since the days of Odcoru. If your spirit feels the pull toward solidarity, toward Oneness, we embrace you.

Pack History

The unofficially official Pack - or Dzirta - Sfek Vauns Arotru (meaning "Strength Together" in the Rakash tongue) began on a whim. Siendra (then Heira) was finding more and more of her kin, spread far and wide, expressing a lost connection with each other. But through these interactions she began feeling the opposite; she felt her roots more deeply, and the call to the Pack more poignantly than ever before. And so she started devising a way to begin to bring the Rakash together again. The invitation was extended broadly, to any who might be interested, and one by one they began to gather.

It grew enough that the first impromptu Moot was called, and the Rakash from all across the Realms congregated in Crossing's Town Green, pulling stories from the cobwebs of their minds while toasting with fratvarit. Then an even greater Moot was organized, and people of all races attended, and it was sworn that day that the Pack was family, and family could be from any walk of life. The feeling of belonging, of togetherness, was what tied everyone together. Taliciah had even revealed that she had taken the Pack name as her own surname, inviting all who felt this new connection to join her in doing so. And so the Pack became known and respected as Sfek Vauns Arotru. They strive to carry on the Moots and invite all to attend, to share their culture and traditions with any who wish to partake.

Pack Mission

Sfek Vauns Arotru is primarily considered a nomadic pack, due to its members being spread far and wide across the various provinces. It allows for the feeling of Oneness without tying the members down to any one territory. There are many who reside in Siskraja, who petition for their village's needs and will stand to defend it. Others hope to establish a new Rakash village in the south, nearer the snowy mountains that feel like home to them. But all come together in support no matter where or when. The Pack is about family and tradition, and Sfek Vauns Arotru will do everything they can to continue to uphold those values together.

Pack Token and Symbols

Pack Crest

Lovingly created for our Pack by Finnris, the official Sfek Vauns Arotru Pack Crest is below.

SVA Maybe.png

Pack Token

This token is worn by all the current members of the Dzirta Sfek Vauns Arotru.

Pack Colors

  • Cobalt and Silver

Pack Charm

  • an apple blossom

The apple has always meant a great deal to the Rakash people, having been a backbone of agricultural success and a staple of Rakash cuisine. During the Migration to the East, the Rakash carried apple seeds with them to establish in whatever new world they found themselves in. The blossoms of the apple trees, with their five perfect petals, resemble a multitude of stars when in bloom. Looking over an orchard at this time, a Rakash might be reminded of a clear sky, one watched over by the Great Pack and granting an unimpeded view of Katamba. The Dzirta Sfek Vauns Arotru has therefore adopted the apple blossom as a charm of sorts, to signify luck, prosperity, and hope.

Members and Friends

As stated above, while the Pack "proper" is composed of Rakash members, there is an acknowledgement in that anyone associated with its members and events are happily accepted as an extension of the Pack.

Players who've associated themselves as Sfek Vauns Arotru

Current Members

Full-color e091e5 182278-1-1.jpg

Pack Adjacent

Pack Villain

  • Agalea Al'thor, evil witch and confirmed practitioner of necromancy

Neighboring Pack Members

Pack Crafters


  • Siendra - weaponsmithing
  • Sfolstikena - weaponsmithing


  • Jindala - remedies


  • Dytt - tailoring



Family Name

Several members of the Pack have taken the Pack name as their surname. Any member in good standing is invited to take this name as well.

From Taliciah's speech at Rakash Moot 435:

For me, VaunsArotru represents my chosen pack. It represents the bonds I have formed here, and it represents the ties I will continue to make. The desire to connect with others and to find family outside of the bounds of blood.

Rakash History and Traditions

Rakash, after the Migration, have had to adjust in some degree to a new way of life. However, the race is well-known for their oral traditions - which have helped to pass along what could have been a lost culture - and for their ability to adapt and change. Using the recollections that have survived their tumultuous history, a modern pack is able to honor their ancestors as well as create new traditions. Here is a small collection of writings and references that have helped Sfek Vauns Arotru build up the solid groundwork of their pack on which to build upon.

Sfek Vauns Arotru Moots

As well as the various Moots held with the help of the wonderful Orders throughout the Realms, please also feel free to join the Rakash on the second Tuesday of each month at the Siksrajan Rendezvous. It is our chance to showcase our village and our culture to all who are interested! Special thanks to the Order of the Dragon Shield for their continued support in these endeavors.