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See The Light
Event Chris's Mass Festival 389, Shard Liberation Festival, Hollow Eve Festival 392
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Cleric shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[See The Light, Foyer]
Soft grey tapestries drape the walls, muffling the sounds outside. Scented smoke wafts through the tent, curling upwards from the tiny copper braziers placed in each corner of the room. A large parchment placard has been nailed to a tent pole. You also see an exit flap, a woven seagrass basket and a polished maple table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest

In the seagrass basket
Item Price Done
raven-black scroll - Kertigen 45,100   !!
pure-white scroll - Hodierna 45,100   !!
grey scroll - Meraud 45,100   
purple scroll - Damaris 45,100   
orange scroll - Everild 45,100   !!
white-grey scroll - Truffenyi 45,100   No
golden-green scroll - Hav'roth 45,100   
On the maple table
Item Price Done
turquoise scroll - Eluned 45,100   !!
red scroll - Glythtide 45,100   
golden scroll - Tamsine 45,100   
brown scroll - Faenella 45,100   
yellow-gold scroll - Chadatru 45,100   
dark violet scroll - Urrem'tier 45,100   

[See The Light, Dark Side]
Heavy black velvet curtains shroud the walls in this section of the tent, swallowing much of the light cast by the silver lantern hanging overhead. You also see an ironwood bookstand with some stuff on it and an ebony table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: southwest, northwest.

an ironwood bookstand
Item Price Done
crimson scroll - Zachriedek 45,100   No
ice-blue scroll - Asketi 45,100   !!
rainbow scroll - Kerrenhappuch 45,100   !!
silver-grey scroll - Dergati 45,100   No
blue scroll - Trothfang 45,100   !!
faded red scroll - Huldah 45,100   !!
On the ebony table
Item Price Done
fiery orange scroll - Ushnish 45,100   !!
sea blue scroll - Drogor 45,100   !!
beige scroll - Be'ort 45,100   
sparkling scroll - Harawep 45,100   !!
speckled scroll - Idon 45,100   !!
rust-red scroll - Botolf 45,100   !!
grey violet scroll - Aldauth 45,100   !!

[See The Light, Themed Variations]
Somber tapestries depicting various types of undead in graphic detail are hung from the leather-wrapped tent poles. Sturdy iron tripods placed in the corners provide support for the brass lanterns that dispel most of the gloom caused by the heavy fabric lining the walls. You also see a marsh reed basket lined with sluagh hide and a bone-inlaid rosewood table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: southeast, southwest.

In marsh reed basket
Item Price Done
red scroll - Cinder Beast 45,100   
colorful ink-streaked scroll - Whirling Motes 45,100   !!
ivory scroll - Skeletal Hand 45,100   No
bright scroll - No Shadow 45,100   !!
On the rosewood table
Item Price Done
black and white scroll - Cleric 45,100   
shadowy scroll - Shadow Beast 45,100   DG
bright scroll - Columns of Light 45,100   !!
yellow scroll - Bone Golem 45,100   !!
white scroll - Cleric in Benediction 45,100   

[See The Light, Light Side]
This section of the tent is draped with ivory felt curtains. Several lamps hanging from the cross-poles overhead cast a golden glow bright enough to read by. You also see an opened crate and a white pine table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: northeast, southeast.

In an opened crate
Item Price Done
hunter green scroll - Kuniyo 45,100   !!
azure scroll - Divyaush 45,100   
spotted scroll - Berengaria 45,100   !!
pale grey scroll - Firulf 45,100   !!
violet scroll - Phelim 45,100   !!
dull brown scroll - Alamhif 45,100   !!
On the white pine table
Item Price Done
orange-red scroll - Peri'el 45,100   !!
sky-blue scroll - Lemicus 45,100   !!
silver scroll - Saemaus 45,100   !!
white scroll - Albreda 45,100   
fire-red scroll - Murrula 45,100   
bright gold scroll - Rutilor 45,100   !!
hazy gold scroll - Elyhaar 45,100