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Sarkhhl Smo'neh
Status: Historical Figure
Aliases: Longtail
Race: S'Kra Mur
Gender: Male

Semi-mythical S'Kra Mur King of Reshalia.

The island of Reshalia has been the center of S'Kra Mur culture since prehistoric times, ruled by competing clans that slowly settled the rest of the islands of Qi. Things changed radically with the rise of the legendary Sarkhhl, who initiated a unification campaign in 2139 BL that was completed by 2127 BL. With his success, he was crowned king, founding the line of Rathan kings that would continue until 173 BL. From their power base on Reshalia, the Rathan kings would slowly spread their rule outward through Qi, at their height reigning over Shamilho, Sarasunath, Zhamikhh, Surlaenis, Irasushen, and Pi'Qanah.

History of the Ru'atin Peri'el

The Ru'atin Peri'el were founded many centuries ago -- millennia, even -- on the island of Reshalia. After Sarkhhl Smo'neh had firmly established his rule over the island and made himself King, he ruled for a number of years. But about fifteen years into his reign, Reshalia Island was set upon by tremendous earthquakes.

The Government of Ratha Through History

It was this growth of civilization that later led to the rise of our greatest leader ever, Sarkhhl. This leader was born into one of the more medium-sized clans on Reshalia, one which had its focus on sailing. In fact, from this clan came Reshalia's greatest sailors, and Sarkhhl was no exception -- he was training in the ways of skills of his birth clan, though he also made a great effort to learn the skills of other clans. Forging, alchemy, shipbuilding, fishing... but this is not a biography of Sarkhhl, is it?

Sarkhhl, now called Sarkhhl Smo'neh, began a process of uniting the Reshalian Clans, and he succeeded, becoming the first King of Reshalia. Several of the clans, fearing his rise, had fled the island, leaving his rule there unopposed.

Prior to the uniting of the clans, most of the S'Kra Mur on Reshalia Island had lived in small villages, or at most, towns of moderate size. King Sarkhhl began the creation of the first city on Reshalia: Ratha. And so, that was the start of government in Ratha. Though Sarkhhl himself oversaw the construction of the bulk of the city, Ratha was not completed in his lifetime. When Sarkhhl died, his firstborn son assumed the title of King, and ruled after him. In time, the Kings of Ratha created the Fangs of Ushnish, and brought S'Kra Mur raiders along the mainland coast to heel.


-1003 S'Kra king establishes Wind Clan as "Clan of the Dead" with Sarkhhl as its king
-2135 S'Kra Mur clans who fled begin raiding Qi'Reshalia Islands
-2139 S'Kra Mur clans who fled begin raiding Mainland
-2140 Reign of S'Kra Mur king Sarkhhl Smo'neh begins
-2140 Several S'Kra Mur Clans flee Sarkhhl's armies

Other timeline

2140 BL Reign of Chief Sarkhhl begins over Tail Clan
2139 BL Chief Sarkhhl begins process of unifying Reshalia Island under his clan
2127 BL With most of Reshalia under Sarkhhl's rule, he is crowned King