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What is Roleplaying

Roleplaying (also known as RP) is acting out your fictional character's personality, motivations, and actions instead of those of you the player. It can be grand or small-scale, but the experience is very fun for many players!

This page is intended as a resource that DragonRealms players can use to help foster and build the RP community, and to house useful information both for brand new players and established players to feel more confident in how they can jump into RP in DR.

Characters Actively Involved in RP

Please only add your own characters or the characters of players who have specifically asked to be added here.

Character Name Primary Location Uses Crystal Rings? Normal Times (in EST)
Mazrian Daemondred-Rudeone Crossing Yes 5pm-10pm
Kaelie Rudeone-Daemondred Crossing Yes All day
Perune Nocarrain Crossing Yes 7pm-Midnight

RP-friendly Gathering Spots

Room Name Province Town Misc. Info
Warrior Mage Guild Zoluren Crossing People gather in front, outside the doors.
Ranger Guild Therengia Riverhaven People gather in front, outside of the tent.