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The Rokk Family


The Rokk family is currently a mid size family, based out of Therengia. Their family members include mostly brigadiers, the patriarch, Healfdene being a member of the Theren Guard and the matriarch, Addisyn, Commander of the Therengian Cavalry Hussars, the triage unit.


Healfdene knew from birth that he was destined for life outside the village. He would bring honor to his name, and all in Elanthia would know who the Rokks were.

It was a fairly obvious choice for him to go and speak to Agonar in the Crossing Barbarian Guild, where himself, and his older Kaldar brother, Lonur, got their start. After a few years of slow advancement, and learning the local language, the two brothers decided to split ways for a time, and Lonur scouted up north around Theren.

He was noticed by the Order of the Theren Guard for his exceptional actions, and was invited to join their ranks. Once he did, he sent word down to Crossing to Healfdene, who quickly followed him up north. Theren became as natural to Healfdene as the Rocky Outcropping he had once called home. His service to the Barony and the people was second nature for him.

Years passed in bliss when Healfdene made a short trip to Crossing. In the empath's guild there he met a young human empath by the name of Addisyn. She had run away from her home on the Islands to come to the mainland, and was very scared and frightened. Some say it was "love at first sight" but we will never truly know. They eloped to Theren where Addisyn was invited to join the elite ranks of the Order of the Theren Guard.

After many years of happiness, sorrow befell Healfdene, as Lonur got into a terrible fight with a rouge zombie during the initial onset of the War Against Lyras. He has yet to recover from his coma and Healfdene has come to terms with the fact that he likely never will be conscious again.