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Roar helms/faceplate provide a triggered boost the a Barbarian's intimidation for the purposes of roaring.

Roar Helms\Faceplates

Roar helms and faceplates come in all types of armor. Faceplates cover the eyes and are meant to be combined with forged or tanned head armor.

Roar Masks

Masks are identical to the helms and faceplates, except that they provide no protection, but will prevent the wearing of head armor.


A feral scream rips from your lungs and shakes your spiked helm to trembling. You feel terrifying.
Roundtime: 2 seconds.
You carefully remove your spiked helm.
Roundtime: 10 seconds.
You place your helm on your head and secure its straps.


Upon SCREAMing at the item, there is approximately 15-20 seconds in which Roars are boosted, after which intimidation is returned to normal. The ending of the boost period is announced by the message:

You feel somewhat less terrifying.

There is no down time between uses and no associated charges, as it is non-magical in nature. There is, however, a 10 second round time to remove the helm, to prevent activation and then immediately exchanging for something less hindering.


The helms and face plates are considered semi-rare items and generally fetch anywhere from 3000 platinum to 5000 platinum in the Prime server depending on the seller and the current availability of helms at the moment.