River Elf, A

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River Elf, A
Status: Alive
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Location: Langenfirth (Ranik Map 40)
Associates: Bembo


His dark skin and wide takbahn reveal him to be a river Elf, his shabby forest garb notwithstanding. He wears an oversized green tunic and baggy brown trousers, held together by a rope about his waist. A dull knife is tucked into his makeshift belt, and a crude looking bow is slung over his shoulder.

Atmospheric Messaging

  • A river Elf wanders in, muttering to himself.
  • "What a fine boat it was," the river Elf says, his eyes lighting up. "There wasn't another one like it. We had a good trade going, my partner and I, until..." The Elf's voice fades, and his eyes brim with tears.
  • "Gone! All gone!" the river Elf moans. "Everything I had... Why, Bembo? I told you never to touch that!" the Elf sobs, unable to continue.
  • "Halflings are good sorts, mostly," the river Elf remarks, "but don't ever leave em alone with your boat." He frowns, then shakes his head and sighs.
  • "I'll get back on the river again," the Elf declares fiercely, "and I'll build an even bigger boat. I just need to earn a few lirums..." The Elf glances at his crude bow and his dull knife, and sighs.
  • The river Elf sits down and pulls off his boots. He massages his feet, wiggling his toes and sighing with relief. He sniffs at his boots with disdain, but reluctantly pulls them back on and stands up.
  • "Me, a child of Rili'ki, reduced to some squirrel-chasing tree kisser," the Elf mutters.
  • The river Elf looks himself over and sighs, "My mother would Fade if she could see me now," he says sorrowfully.
  • Sighing loudly, a river Elf wanders <direction>.