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Status: Alive
Guild: Cleric
Race: S'Kra Mur
Gender: Male
Location: Unknown

You see Holy Light Rardu, Priest of Hav'roth, a S'Kra Mur Cleric.
A bright aura of holy energy emanates from Rardu, standing tall and shining with a powerful inner fortitude.
Rardu has a shallow-featured face with a flexible ridged crest which follows the shape of his skull, slitted tilted green eyes and a flat snout, dark gold-edged scales, a curving tail and a burly build.
He is a bit over average height for a S'Kra Mur.
He appears to be young.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing some metal chain gloves, a metal chain helm, a sweeping crimson mantle thickly embroidered with gold silk, a metal round sipar, an instrument case, a flowing white linen shirt laced with silken cords, a high-collared black silk vest trimmed with crimson stitching, a polished leather belt with a razor-edged dueling iltesh hanging from it, a wide red silk sash fastened with a heavy gold pin, a pair of pristine white trews and some sandals.