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{{Map Error|errors=See [[Talk:RanikMap13#Map_Additions]] for list of omissions that should be added to this map}}
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rect 439 810 452  823 [[RanikMap14]]
rect 439 810 452  823 [[RanikMap14]]
rect 440 838 453  851 [[RanikMap9]]
rect 440 838 453  851 [[RanikMap9]]
rect 318 700 425  770 [[Wicked Burrow Mine]]
desc none
desc none

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Even More NTR + Dirge
Zoluren Province
Notable People:
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Ranik's Map Key
Standard Room RanikMapStandard.gif
Point of Interest RanikMapInterest.gif
Store / Shop RanikMapShop.gif
Train Stats RanikMapStats.gif
Throughpoint / Portal RanikMapPortal.gif
Homes RanikMapHomes.gif
Water Room RanikMapWater.gif
Underwater RanikMapUnderwater.gif
Minable RanikMapMine.gif
Lumber RanikMapLumber.gif
Start of Ranger Trail RanikMapTrailHead.gif
End of Ranger Trail RanikMapTrailEnd.gif
Multiple purpose (example) RanikMapShare.gif
Unidirectional Movement Ranikkey unidir.gif
Swing to <Direction> Ranikkey swing.gif