Ranger 3.0

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A repository for Ranger guild specific changes in DragonRealms 3.0.

Rangers are not slated to receive any significant changes.


See Ranger Spells 3.0.

Circle Requirements

Scouting is a Soft Req.
Sorcery is a restricted skill.

1st Armor2334513
2nd Armor012338
1st Weapon3344513
2nd Weapon1233410
1st Magic122338
2nd Magic122338
3rd Magic112238
1st Survival4445615
2nd Survival4445615
3rd Survival3445615
4th Survival3444513
5th Survival3444513
6th Survival2334410
7th Survival2334410
8th Survival2233410
1st Lore112238
2nd Lore011225

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