Rakash Moot 442

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This event was held on 16 Uthmor the Giant, of 442 AV (July 14, 2022). For other event dates, see the Rakash Moots page.


"A howl sounds in the distance, and the answering calls seem to draw nearer. Finally, you overhear a crowd, howling and laughing before one calls out, "The Tavern Troupe performing Order his hosting an Anniversary Moot at the secluded glade near Leth Deriel! Join us for drinks, stories and songs!" The conversation fades as the group travels into the distance."


[Endrus Forest, Secluded Glade]
A score of ancient sana'ati trees stand like primeval guardians around this circular clearing, stretching their weathered boughs overhead in a protective canopy of scintillating green. Lush grass and blooming flowers surround a pool of clear water, bubbling upwards from an unknown source beneath the surface. You also see a box of gifts bearing the crest of the Tavern Troupe Performing Order, some water, a Tavern Troupe refreshment cart with several things on it, an overgrown footpath and a stone bench.


a soft wool quilt embroidered with a pair of Rakash silhouettes:

The broad quilt is embroidered with a map of Elanthia, including a lovingly detailed expanse to the west. Standing in silhouette at the center are a male and female Rakash, their faces seemingly raised in a joyous howl, while guild crests decorate the quilt's borders.

Catering by the Ever Wonderful Allye

In a Katamba-black pouch beautifully embroidered with a wolf pattern in silver-colored thread you see a cup of honeyed milk, a frosted glass of Katamba's eclipse, a flagon of honey-apple mead, a tangy tart filled with mango pepper chutney, a plate of Siksraja marinated venison medallions served with creamy seashell pasta, a piping hot garlic-thyme roll, a decadent lemon and gaisroka tart infused with vanilla liqueur, and an apple streusel cupcake with a candy wolf perched high on a mound of crunchy topping.


A knit cobalt cap adorned with fuzzy wolflike ears: - Nawain, who gave it to Almarius
Delightfully soft yarn was used to knit the cold weather cap, designed to hug below the wearer's ears when worn. Strands of metallic thread are worked through the knit to give it glittering highlights, while two lupine-looking ears are playfully fashioned onto the top.

A thin silver bracelet strung with black onyx and sapphire charms: - Kethrai, who gave it to Almarius
Though thin, the dainty chain of the bracelet proves sturdy in holding the alternating black onyx and sapphire charms. Each of the vibrant blue gems has been carefully carved to show a variety of Rakash symbols that include a crow, butterfly, badger, an apple and a wolf captured in mid-howl.

A svidaw sis (throwing club) made by the amazing Ena: - Dytt

A cobalt silk duffel bag accented with a silver decoration: - Dallylia
The soft fabric is stitched together with shimmering silver thread, complementing the deep blue of the silk. The lining is reinforced with supple leather and sewn with pockets to allow for more organization within. The duffel bag's flap is secured with a polished silver charm, profiling a wolf's head with a glinting black opal eye.

Log of Event

A huge thank you to Nilme, who helped clean this log up and organize this Moot page!

Anniversary Moot