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Taken from the official website[1], the charts here were designed to give visual aid while comparing various attributes of each race. Remember that there are always exceptions to any rule, and these charts do not take into account aberrations.

Physical Attributes

The following chart shows minimum and maximum heights for each race, male and female in feet.


The following chart shows maximum and average lifespans for each race in years. See also: Age.



The following chart shows average gestation periods for each race in Elanthian months (remember that there are 40 days in the Elanthian month).


The following matrix shows the ease and/or possibilities of racial inter-breeding.


Miscellaneous Race Facts

  • S'Kra Mur do not lay eggs.
  • Prydaen do not have litters.
  • All player races have red blood.


  1. https://www.play.net/dr/info/races/racecharts.asp

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