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{{ShopItem|t=i|piece of black flint|9}}
{{ShopItem|t=i|piece of black flint|9}}
{{ShopItem|t=i|carving knife|90}}
{{ShopItem|t=i|carving knife|90}}
{{ShopItem|t=i|black candle|110}}
{{ShopItem|t=i|black candle (2)|name=black candle|110}}

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South Bridge, The Dusk Arcade
Event Shard's South Bridge Street Faire 415
# of Rooms 0
Store Type Toy shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[South Bridge, The Dusk Arcade]
A building with an unusual facade stands to the west: its front is covered with shields brightly painted with a host of heraldic blazons. All the beasts one might conceive of -- from drakes to dragons, lions to leopards, and greyhounds to gryphons -- gambol across the front of the shop.
You also see a pumpkin table with a few things on it, a large pumpkin bin, a rainbow-striped cotton tent festooned with colorful flowers and a varnished door on the south side of the building.
Obvious paths: north, east.

On the pumpkin table
Item Price Done
piece of black flint 9   
carving knife 90   No
black candle 110   No
In the pumpkin bin
Item Price Done
misshapen pumpkin 225   !!
small pumpkin 225   
tall pumpkin 225   !!
large pumpkin 225   
fat pumpkin 225   No