Prydaen Meeting 2014

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The following is a log edited for content, originally provided by GM Naohhi.

[Naohhi's Boneyard, Tangled Woods]
Surrounding the trampled grass, eerie and naked trees grow upward and stab toward the sky. Like tiny needles, the branches sway threateningly as if holding the sky at bay. Beyond some crowded reeds, a deep fog spreads out toward the east as far as the eye can see. You also see a sunken ironwood cart with a few things on it.
Also here: Tinkerer Jhesili, Tracker Linessa, Charming Zenrya, Nakori, Gemrardi, Consecrated Voice Shaidval who is emanating a bright holy aura, Life Tender Felruiane, Xinge and Visionist Miskton.
Obvious paths: southwest.

Naohhi says, "Let's see.."

Announcement: [OOC: The OOC Prydaen meeting will be beginning shortly. To join in, please find the Lich Gate located on Town Green, South.]

Naohhi says, "Okay, let's get this started."

Naohhi rubs her hands together.

Silvanus prods a silver platter of grisly hearts with the tip of his finger.

Naohhi says, "I'm not going to silence everyone, so when we start sharing around, just do me a favori and be polite and stuff."

Naohhi says, "Those of you that have no idea who I am, I'm Naohhi. I've worked on a really random assortment of things and I have some ideas for stuff I'd love to do for Prydaen, given time and planning and what not."

Naohhi asks, "I don't have a very strict structure for us tonight, but we may have Abasha dropping in if anyone had comments and what not about the Barrier Quest. Have any of you been on it, yet?"

Linessa nods to Naohhi.

Jhesili nods to Naohhi.

Jhesili says, "A couple times."

Linessa says, "It was great."

Shaidval says to Naohhi in Prydaenese, "Couple of times."

Miskton says, "Yep! Fun times."

Razzer says, "On my list."

Nakori's ears droop for a moment.

Xinge says, "No."

Razzer winks and flashes a sly grin.

Silvanus quirks one ear sideways in confusion.

Naohhi grins.

Jhesili says, "It was fun, although I wish there was a tour of the lands we could go on."

Gemrardi says, "Its on my list, if I can just start getting more regular business for my business."

Silvanus glances at Dragoonseal.

Dragoonseal quirks one ear sideways in confusion.

Jhesili says, "So much stuff to see but so quick to see it."

Naohhi nods to Jhesili.

Zenrya asks, "Will it be staying around for a while?"

Naohhi says, "Oh look, this is neat, AND THAT IS A ZOMBIE."

Gemrardi says, "Sounds awesome, really liking the amount of different Prydanese items, and materials are available."

Jhesili grins at Naohhi.

Jhesili exclaims, "Exactly!"

Jhesili says, "And when the monsters aren't flexing right, lots of hurt."

Jhesili snickers.

Naohhi says to Zenrya, "I think the runs have slowed down right now, but I don't believe there are plans to terminate it so soon."

Nakori meekly says, "Oawoo."

Shaidval says in Prydaenese, "I'm still looking forward to making a private run of all RP minded Prydaens."

Zenrya says, "Glad to hear that...I won't have the funds to run it for some time."

Jhesili grins at Shaidval.

Naohhi says, "Also of note.. we may have other GMs stopping in. I've told them to feel free to harass and disrupt. Chaos is only too fun."

Jhesili chuckles.

Miskton grins.

Naohhi says, "And if you happen to die somehow, just lie there, we'll fix you."

Dafo Zamara just arrived.

Naohhi asks, "But you know, don't die on purpose, ok?"

Shaidval says in Prydaenese, "Right then."

Gemrardi says, "This party is distinctly un-Vinjince."

Darkese says, "Hi all."

Gemrardi says, "Hello."

Naohhi says, "So, the main part of our meeting.. You guys are my peeps, and I am your almighty cat-lord-thing. I may have ideas for stuff I'd like to do for the race, but what I'd love more is to hear what current players have on their wishlists."

Naohhi says to Darkese, "Oh hi."

Nakori meekly exclaims, "I have a question!"

Shaidval leans on Naohhi.

Razzer says, "Prydean instruments."

Razzer nods to Naohhi.

Naohhi says, "One thing I do want to say before I start taking names is.. I seriously do not approve of house-cat stuff."

Darkese says, "Hub."

Jhesili says, "Return of claw guards."

Naohhi gazes off into the distance blankly.

Zamara says to Razzer in Prydaenese, "Good suggestion."

Naohhi says, "I'm still going to joke about being a cat-lord though."

Nakori chortles softly at some secret joke.

Jhesili grins at Naohhi.

Naohhi asks Nakori, "What is your question?"

Silvanus says to Dragoonseal, "Shush, you adore me."

Gemrardi asks, "Is that like a poke at us not to do it, like an in-joke about the wrong way to do it?"

Razzer asks, "In pryd do that translate as 'first into the litter box?"

Nakori meekly says, "Do Prydaens have whiskers? I want to style Xinge's into a handlebar mustache."

Razzer hums a mischievous tune.

Naohhi grin at Razzer.

Shaidval says to Naohhi in Prydaenese, "You already have my personal wishlist, and we'll happily acknowledge you as a Thundercat."

Zenrya says to Razzer, "There are instruments. Just not many."

Felruiane laughs!

Jhesili laughs!

Dragoonseal grins.

Xinge groans.

Naohhi says to Nakori, "You're going to make me write an anatomy book."

Razzer says, "Just try and find any."

Naohhi jots down some notes.

Nakori grins.

Razzer laughs!

Xinge exclaims, "I did nothing!"

Gemrardi says to Naohhi, "Ohh Thundercat...."

Razzer says, "Exactly."

Felruiane says, "I only have one thing, less a suggestion and more to point out."

Naohhi says, "Okay, if you have something you'd like to share tonight, whisper to me now and I'll make up a list of names to run down."

Razzer says, "Thing being is the way the realms are, tends to blur any differances of race."

A myriad of tiny lights, like floating jewels, materializes from seeming nothingness. They dance and swirl, forming patterns that you cannot fully grasp. They spin faster and more wildly and then, in an instant, rush together in a blinding flash of light. As you blink away the bright afterimage, you look back to see Abasha standing in place of the lights.

Abasha leans on Naohhi.

Naohhi says to Abasha, "Yo."

Abasha says to Naohhi, "Heya."

Shaidval says in Prydaenese, "I thought I had a good bead on the active Prydaen playerbase and yet I can say I only know three people here."

Naohhi says to Abasha, "I just started taking names for people that have stuff to share."

Abasha waves to Naohhi.

Silvanus twitches an ear nervously.

Linessa grins.

Zenrya waves to Abasha.

Miskton grins.

Zamara leans on Abasha.

Dragoonseal casually observes the area.

Casaiaya waves to Abasha.

Abasha grins.

Naohhi is so special! She got waved at!

Jhesili chuckles.

Nakori blinks at Abasha.

Zenrya chuckles.

Shaidval says to Abasha in Prydaenese, "Have you recieved enough acclaim yet on the atmosphere and writing behind BtB? If not, you rock."

Zamara says to Abasha, "I liked the really depressing room descriptions on the quest."

Abasha says to Shaidval, "Thank you."

Abasha says to Zamara, "Lyras wasn't very nice to the place, was she."

Felruiane grins at Abasha.

Miskton chuckles.

Razzer says, "As long as we burn the last of that witch, it's worth it."

Razzer grumbles.

Miskton says, "I like how the NPCs have so much to talk about."

Naohhi says, "I'll continue taking names in whispers. Otherwise, feel free to hurl Barrier Quest stuff at Abasha."

Zamara says to Abasha, "I'll rebuild it. Give me a couple centuries."

Naohhi says to Abasha, "Also, I didn't plan on silencing the room, so we can just kill them."

Naohhi tries hard not to grin.

Abasha says to Naohhi, "It would be rude to kill them without warning."

Razzer says, "I'm thinking of writing a pryd marriage guide....I Married an Elf."

Naohhi says, "Oh they had a warning."

Naohhi nods to Abasha.

Razzer winks and flashes a sly grin.

Naohhi says to Abasha, "I told them it might happen, and to just lie there if it does."

Abasha snickers.

Shaidval says to Abasha in Prydaenese, "Full disclosure was given."

Razzer says, "Specialized pyrd brawling moves."

Naohhi asks Razzer, "Are you joining the list?"

Zamara says, "Craftable bloodwyne."

Razzer asks, "And loose my chance at causing chaos?"

Zamara hums to herself.

Razzer grins at Naohhi.

Zamara nods at Razzer, obviously agreeing with his views.

Dragoonseal quietly says, "Whoa wait, is that even still around? I've been gone for years I might be a walking jackpot stockpile now."

Dragoonseal gets a glass of bloodwine from inside his leather longcoat.

Jhesili grins at Dragoonseal.

Naohhi says, "Okay! First up is Jhesili. If she punches you, we kill you."

Jhesili laughs!

Jhesili says, "Ok i have a few merchant ideas."

Jhesili says, "With everyone sporting their racial titles and regions, it would be nice to see some regional based clothing."

Naohhi nods to Jhesili.

Jhesili says, "So have plains prydaens dress in more woven items use bows and spears."

Jhesili says, "Mountain ones with hammers and such, more furry items."

Jhesili says, "I think they would have things that teach them a cat's cradle type thing made of sinew that can improve dex."

Naohhi raises her hand.

Jhesili says, "I wrote out a bunch of stuff, it might be easier to send."

Jhesili laughs!

Naohhi asks Jhesili, "By this, do you mean items that function as boosts, play items, or a developed lore around games with supporting props being available?"

Jhesili says, "Lore developed around the games."

Zamara mutters something into the air about all of the above.

Naohhi nods.

Jhesili says, "That can still be played, not necessarily a boost."

Jhesili says, "Just be fun to see more than claws and dolls."

Gemrardi nods to Jhesili.

Naohhi says to Jhesili, "Sorry for interrupting, do continue if you have more."

Jhesili says, "I think that's it."

Naohhi asks, "Awesome. I like the ideas. Any feedback from our peanut gallery?"

Naohhi looks around, trying to appear nonchalant.

Jhesili says, "I'm not the most articulate on the spot."

Jhesili shifts uncomfortably for a moment.

Naohhi grins at Jhesili.

Zamara says, "More games. Games are fun."

Gemrardi says, "I like the comments about not just claws and dolls."

Felruiane says, "I like the idea of more games."

Zenrya says, "Love the clothing ideas...we are really lacking in Prydaen clothing items."

Nakori meekly exclaims, "More loincloths!"

Felruiane nods to Zenrya.

Nakori nods in agreement.

Zenrya giggles at Nakori.

Jhesili laughs!

Razzer chuckles.

Naohhi says, "Oy."

Casaiaya grins at Nakori.

Zenrya exclaims, "More tail holes!"

Gemrardi says, "And I'd love more Prydaen flavor so I can go and have something to you know go to an alterer with without going you know make it prydaen..."

Razzer says, "I have a black firecat clasped with a black diamond loinclot."

Razzer flashes a wide grin.

Naohhi nods to Gemrardi.

Gemrardi says, "And I don't like just stamping the word prydaen or elvish or toggish to items, so they are racial."

Jhesili nods to Gemrardi.

Naohhi says, "I'm unlikely to make racially named items unless there is a STRONG reason to do so. I'd much rather give you all some lore about why something is made or looks a certain way that is unique for your race."

Naohhi says, "Next up! Gemrardi."

Gemrardi gets an impish expression on his face, and lets out a hearty cheer.

Gemrardi says, "So I'm feeling like crafting items... I know thats more of a Kodius thing... but maybe some individual crafted items..."

Jhesili grins at Gemrardi.

Gemrardi says, "Alright so my idea is for them to be racially themed, for us Prydaens."

Gemrardi says, "But you know like elves could have stuff, and humans, definitely humans don't seem to get enough stuffs..."

Naohhi nods.

Gemrardi says, "Not that they are kick butt with giving better OD or DD or whatever those things are..."

Gemrardi says, "Just templated items that have a little more look tap to them that confirm to racial things..."

Gemrardi says, "But for me maybe having some cool verby things that those races can do with them."

Gemrardi says, "My problem is like what cool verby things."

Nakori nods to Shaidval.

Gemrardi says, "Maybe like a quiet roar tremble while your unsheathing the blade."

Naohhi raises her hand.

Gemrardi says, "Showing off your mane while going into a strong armor posturing pose... I mean for me... I'm not really sure what Prydaen is but I'm thinking Big Cat stuff."

Gemrardi nods to Naohhi.

Gemrardi says, "Yes."

Naohhi asks Gemrardi, "Is your intent for the verbs to be racially locked on these items?"

Gemrardi says, "They could be... but well might be nasty to code, or maybe they could only be used by say a Human, or a Prydaen, or whatever..."

Gemrardi says, "So I'm saying maybe if its easier to code just don't allow a human to go into or use a Prydaen armor/weapon."

Gemrardi asks Naohhi, "Does that answer your question?"

Naohhi nods.

Gemrardi says, "So more or less that's like one of my BIG ideas...."

Gemrardi says, "I also in general just want more stuff to kinda know how to act more Prydaen."

Gemrardi says, "Whether its characters that you reknowned to be getting it right."

Razzer says, "Without provoking the Oh look at the big ole puddy-tat remarks."

Gemrardi says, "Or GMPCs that are doing it right, or like items, and books to kinda showcase that's right."

Naohhi nods.

Zenrya says, "That was going to be one of my suggestions..."

Zenrya grins at Gemrardi.

Gemrardi says, "I think being a big puddy-tat is doing it wrong."

Zenrya says, "Books or something, readily available."

Abasha nods to Gemrardi.

Razzer says, "Had one idot kept callin me Kitty."

Razzer growls low in the back of his throat.

Jhesili says, "Ugh."

Gemrardi says, "Whoever's next or Naohhi or whatever."

Gemrardi says, "I'm done."

Dragoonseal quietly says, "First thing you learn to ignore is probably that. Low hanging troll fruit that is."

Abasha says to Razzer, "That's something common in all games that have cat-person races."

Naohhi says, "It is an unfortunate reality that there will be bleed over from real life perspectives concerning catpeople."

Naohhi nods to Abasha.

Xinge says, "Creative cat jokes are awesome."

Razzer says, "Well I took care of it, I thumped her."

Razzer nods to Abasha.

Abasha grins.

Jhesili says, "There are a lot of books, I don't know where they keep them now, but elanthapedia has a lot of pyrdaen reading."

Shaidval says in Prydaenese, "I don't see it as OOC so much as the inherent racisim that should naturally exist in Elanthia to some degree."

Naohhi says, "I can only say that I have plans to help curb it, and my only suggestion is to laugh it off."

Zamara says, "Just jealous. Prydaen is clearly the best race."

Razzer flashes a wide grin.

Jhesili grins at Zamara.

Dragoonseal quietly says, "Sometimes Shaidval. If they do it well. But that's a rare occurance."

Naohhi grins at Zamara.

Razzer says, "Thumping works."

Shaidval says in Prydaenese, "Dealing with people who think the Rakash are dogs and the Prydaen are cats is part and parcel of the choice."

Naohhi says, "Next up, I have a suggestion that was emailed in."

Naohhi says, "The suggestion was to develop SMELL into allowing Rakash and Prydaen characters custom messaging that makes it look less like they are hulking up on someone to sniff at them, and more as if they have a keener sense of smell and can discern those scents from across a room."

Dragoonseal sniffs at Silvanus.

Shaidval nods in agreement.

Razzer ponders.

Naohhi says, "Purely a roleplaying accomodation."

Silvanus glances at Dragoonseal.

Dragoonseal grins stupidly.

Silvanus licks his lips.

Zamara says, "Sounds good."

Naohhi says, "This suggestion did come from Dragoonseal, who is apparently shy."

Naohhi turns to Dragoonseal and teasingly sticks her tongue out at him.

Silvanus flashes a quick grin.

Dragoonseal snorts, loudly.

Naohhi asks, "Thoughts and feedback on sniffing?"

Jhesili grins at Dragoonseal.

Shaidval says in Prydaenese, "No objections to that, assuming that Prydaen anatomy supports a enhanced sense of smell versus humans."

Jhesili says, "As long as it doesn't lead to sniffing butt jokes, i'm ok with it."

Gemrardi says, "I like more stuff... so cool."

Darkese sniffs at Dragoonseal.

Nakori meekly says, "I used to HUNT and then pretend I knew who was in the other rooms by sayin' I could smell them."

Razzer grins at Nakori.

Gemrardi nods to Nakori.

Gemrardi says, "I like that..."

Dragoonseal quietly asks, "What's the HUNT verb do again?"

Naohhi grins at Nakori.

Zenrya says, "Sounds like a good suggestion to me...I'm always up for more RP verbs."

Gemrardi says, "I had this elf that I suggested could see far by having a person planted in the room he could see into..."

Naohhi says to Gemrardi, "Tricky."

Casaiaya says in Prydaenese, "HUNT lets you see creatures and characters in nearby rooms."

Gemrardi says to Naohhi, "Shhh."

Naohhi says, "Next up! Zenrya."

Darkese says, "Smelling npc's near you (like hunt) would be neat."

Dragoonseal quietly says, "My idea for SMELL was just that.. hold on."

Naohhi grins at Darkese.

Darkese says, "Just getting the message periodically."

Gemrardi says, "It doesn't let you see them, more gives an awareness of where things are in the rooms around you, especially people and critters, NPCs."

Naohhi asks Dragoonseal, "Oh, there's more?"

Dragoonseal quietly says, "I've always wanted the ability for Prydaens to catch other player's scents from a distance. Currently (or at least last I played) to smell someone else the messaging always made it sound like you go right up to them and sniff at them from close, and everyone always reacts as such with weird looks. I figure Prydaens (and Rakash) could just sniff/smell others on the wind or such without having go to invade personal space or making ourselves look so foolish. There could be all kinda of neat syntax options, such as whether you hide who you're sniffing at or make it apparent, and all kinds of demeanors like our other verbs. Inquisitively, curiously, indifferently, disdainful, haughty, defensively, etc. I figure ear and tail movements would play into the various options a lot. Would also be nice to be able to take a long deep lungful to get a read on the scents of everyone in a room at once."

Zamara wobbles, looking a bit faint.

Dragoonseal quietly says, "I just hate the looks you get from people to figure out what SMELL thing they have set."

Zamara praises Dragoonseal.

Nakori nods at Dragoonseal, obviously agreeing with his views.

Naohhi says, "I did edit down. Hazard of having me speak for you."

Naohhi ducks her head.

Dragoonseal sniffs at Naohhi.

Razzer chuckles.

Dragoonseal turns away from Naohhi and sneezes.

Naohhi wrinkles her nose.

Nakori meekly asks, "That's another one for the anatomy book. Do we have a jacobson's organ?"

Nakori breaks out in a silly grin.

Naohhi is already extremely wrinkly, so it just looks worse.

Zenrya grins at Nakori.

Naohhi say, "I have no idea what that google i go."

Xinge says, "Agreed.. google."

Dragoonseal quietly asks, "Is that the weird face thing cats do Nakori? When smelling?"

Abasha says, "A jacobson's organ doesn't really work that way."

Nakori nods.

Dragoonseal nods.

Abasha says, "It's what snakes use to 'smell' scents they pick up with their tongue."

Nakori meekly asks, "It's when cats open their mouths slightly after smelling stuff, looks like they're grossed out, but it's like a super smell thing in the roof of their mouth. I think?"

Gemrardi says, "I think a jacobson organ is another word for baconsilk <3."

Dragoonseal nods to Nakori.

Abasha says to Gemrardi, "Grrr."

Naohhi asks Abasha, "Our first death?"

Razzer chuckles.

Gemrardi says to Abasha, "Hey Naohhi has one."

Abasha says to Naohhi, "I'm behaving."

Naohhi gets a hopeful expression on her face.

Naohhi says, "Anything-silk is like a dirty word to Abasha."

Naohhi grins at Gemrardi.

Naohhi says, "You should be careful."

Naohhi says, "Death and stuff."

Naohhi nods.

Abasha laughs!

Gemrardi says, "I don't have one...."

Gemrardi covers his eyes with his hand.

Nakori peers quizzically at Shaidval.

Dragoonseal sniffs at Shaidval.

Shaidval says in Prydaenese, "What? I took precautions."

Abasha says, "Anyway, I think the jacobson's organ isn't the right kind of thing. Felines usually just have a good sense of smell normally."

Gemrardi asks, "But I like the scent idea, for Rakash and Prydaen, should S'kra Mur have it too?"

Naohhi says, "I'll keep it in mind when I start on the anatomy book. It's clearly necessary."

Dragoonseal quietly asks, "I was wondering that too Gemrardi, I don't know how are the other races rated in that regard?"

Casaiaya says in Prydaenese, "Makes sense, really. Would be like when you scan a room to see who is there and what they are, but with the sense of smell."

Naohhi says, "S'kra actually have a poor sense of smell from what I recall."

Gemrardi nods to Naohhi.

Shaidval says in Prydaenese, "Which would make sense if they were linked to reptiles by evolution."

Gemrardi says, "I don't think I have a single S'kra Mur character..."

Dragoonseal quietly says, "Do S'kra Mur even have noses? I think the official art has like.. nose slits."

Dragoonseal quietly says, "Oh wait! Right, I forgot snouts are a thing now."

Gemrardi asks, "Well they can smell through nose slits?"

Dragoonseal rubs his nose.

Gemrardi says, "Anyways back to Prydaenese things."

Silvanus taps himself on the chest.

Naohhi grins.

Zenrya asks, "My turn?"

Naohhi says, "Okay, for real, Zenrya's turn."

Zenrya grins.

Zenrya says, "Well, one of my suggestions already came up...and that was the readily available Prydaen-centric lore. I know there are books available already, but they're scattered and one really has to be interested in finding them in order to do so. A building with easy access would work."

Silvanus rubs his nose.

Zenrya says, "To go hand in hand with that, possible...would be some sort of hub or little area that is all Prydaen. Even the Rakash have this, and according to the lore...they migrated with the Prydaen. This hub or village could have a few small shops, maybe a library with the lore...something along those lines."

Dragoonseal winces.

Naohhi nods.

Zenrya says, "And of course, this village or hub would have all Prydaen type of clothing...weapons, jewelry."

Zenrya says, "Maybe even some house items."

Razzer says, "Piercings."

Razzer hums a mischievous tune.

Dragoonseal quietly says, "There used to be a whole Hub planned. But uh.."

Silvanus snorts, loudly.

Xinge says, "Lets build it on the ruins of the keep."

Dragoonseal quietly says, "Well, that was a long time ago."

Jofka grins at Xinge.

Gemrardi nods to Xinge.

Jofka says, "Plenty of material just laying around."

Naohhi says, "The words, "racial village" are just as evil as the word, "soon." Because of that, if I was to ever work on one, no one would know about it until it was being released."

Razzer mutters something into the air about know where you live.

Jofka asks, "What if you had the community build it, like the arena on merelew?"

Naohhi says, "But I'm always happy to hear suggestions about a potential one."

Razzer gazes up at the sky.

Zenrya says, " last suggestion. I know you would have to work with the wedding team for this...but I would love to see a Prydaen specific wedding area in the packages (Queen's was it?). Something with a bonfire, maybe...woods...and animals to actually hunt. Nothing big of course, just hogs or something."

Naohhi says to Jofka, "I tentatively enjoy this idea."

Naohhi nods to Zenrya.

Nakori meekly asks, "...with an Empath option for catching them live too?"

Naohhi says to Nakori, "Constructs."

Zenrya says, "I figure if a Prydaen player is going to spend that kind of money on something...they should have more options than what there is availabe."

Zenrya exclaims, "And yes, constructs for empaths!"

Gemrardi asks, "So basically one of those weasel games only have it out of a festival in a wedding?"

Nakori meekly says, "Eh, a little shock is worth it. Shows you're willing to sacrifice a bit for the spouse."

Nakori meekly asks, "What weasel games?"

Naohhi chortles softly at some secret joke.

Gemrardi asks, "You know the snake game?"

Gemrardi asks, "What was the latest ones at guild fest?"

Miskton says, "Figurines."

Naohhi asks Abasha, "Shall I release a butterfly to explain?"

Abasha grins at Naohhi.

Zenrya exclaims, "Do it!"

Miskton says, "You run around catching animals (or whatever), then try to bring them back to a cage (or whatever!) to turn them in for prizes."

Abasha says to Naohhi, "Get the crate here first."

Nakori meekly exclaims, "Ooh. I've seen that. I never knew it could be done with weasels. I'd wet myself with joy!"

Naohhi prods a butterfly crate with the tip of her finger.

Zenrya says, "Note to self...ask for weasels at the wedding."

Gemrardi says, "I think weasels were the first incrination, but someone should probably confirm that."

Abasha says, "There have been a lot of different animals."

Miskton says, "I think there may have been some greased pigs even before that."

Linessa says, "The cows were a lot of fun."

Zenrya says to Miskton, "Yes...pigs are fun."

A crimson butterfly comes flying in!

Abasha says, "The most amusing one was the ferrets that were dressed up like marnets."

Silvanus says, "How does one.."

Zamara says, "I want to be able to eat the butterflies."

Gemrardi says, "I probably missed the cows and the ones dressed up like marnets."

Naohhi says, "I'll flood the area with butterflies later. Maybe."

Gemrardi says, "Maybe..."

Naohhi says, "Next up is Nakori."

Gemrardi says, "It'll be VERY choatic."

Miskton says, "What we're not being told is those butterflies will just be reskinned umbral moths."

Miskton grins.

Zenrya gasps at Miskton!

Zenrya shudders.

Nakori meekly says, "Ooh. Um. Tail verb! An extra one. We have three kinda annoyed/angry ones, and three sort of cutesy ones... but nothing for fear! I want. To poof my tail up in fear."

Xinge asks, "With eyeball removal?"

Gemrardi asks Miskton, "Can you handle the reskinned umbral moths?"

Nakori meekly asks, "Without showing aggression, if possible. Ear alarm makes you hiss, I think?"

Nakori lays her ears back in alarm, gazing around warily.

Dragoonseal quietly asks, "Doesn't one of the ear verbs do a poofy thing?"

Nakori meekly says, "I guess not."

Naohhi shakes her head.

Silvanus says, "I don't believe so."

Naohhi says, "Question to follow up on that.."

Gemrardi says, "I think I need a verb primer on prydaens."

Naohhi asks, "How agreeable would you all be to rewrite on EAR and TAIL?"

Naohhi looks around, trying to appear nonchalant.

Zenrya nods to Naohhi.

Jhesili gets an impish expression on her face, and lets out a hearty cheer.

Gemrardi nods to Naohhi.

Dragoonseal angles his ears forward in curiosity.

Linessa nods to Naohhi.

Zenrya says, "Very."

Jofka looks at Naohhi and lets out a hearty cheer on her behalf!

Casaiaya angles her ears forward in curiosity.

Linessa says, "Please."

Gemrardi exclaims, "All the silly cute stuff GONE!"

Nakori meekly says, "I'd be okay with some of it. Most of it."

Gemrardi nods to Naohhi.

Nakori curls her tail around Zenrya's waist.

Zenrya says, "Some of them I never use...they're too much alike."

Nakori meekly says, "Except this one."

Nakori grins.

Shaidval says in Prydaenese, "Rewrite is such a vauge word."

Xinge asks, "50% less tail cuddles?"

Naohhi nods to Shaidval.

Dragoonseal quietly asks, "I rather like the current TAIL and EAR stuff. Could we only add to it, and not take away?"

Zamara says, "I'd really like a HELP for the verb that lists the various things."

Dragoonseal quietly says, "I'm rather used to the syntax of it all too."

Zamara says, "Currently I made scripts to echo it, since there's so many options."

Naohhi says, "Rewrite doesn't necessarily mean it will change 100%. Maybe like 60%."

Shaidval nods to Zamara.

Nakori meekly asks, "This was in a picture in a Prydaen player's home: This wide-eyed Prydaen is gazing straight ahead, and evidently she doesn't like what she sees. Her fur is standing stiffly at right angles to her body, making her look something like a fuzzy porcupine. Something has scared her badly -- perhaps it's you?"

Linessa says, "I havethat painting."

Shaidval asks Naohhi in Prydaenese, "Do you have any specifics on what is on the table to be changed?"

Naohhi asks Nakori, "Sorry for jumping in on your sharing time. You have more?"

Gemrardi asks Linessa, "Does your character scare your character?"

Naohhi says to Shaidval, "Not right now."

Nakori meekly says, "I think that's all. If I had more I forgot it already."

Naohhi says, "If you think of it, just let me know, we still have a few more people."

Naohhi exclaims, "Next!"

Naohhi says, "Felruiane."

Nakori meekly says, "She is the doziest..."

Xinge says, "She something about a type with sweat."

Xinge says, "Typo."

Felruiane says, "I don't have so much a suggestion as that the SWEAT <SELF> verb has a typo."

One of Jhesili's ears quirks to the side with what appears to be a nervous a twitch. It straightens upright as the other flips to the side in another quick twitch. With visible effort, she gets her ears back under control.

Naohhi says, "Oh."

Jhesili says, "I didn't even know that was a thing."

Felruiane says, "A nervous a twitch."

Naohhi says, "Noted. Will fix this."

Felruiane says, "That's all I have."

Naohhi says, "Thanks."

Naohhi says, "Shaidval is up next."

Xinge says, "Right at the end of that."

Shaidval says in Prydaenese, "Alright. I have a couple of things, not including a list of Cleric specific things that I've already pestered Naohhi about, before I climb onto my soapbox."

Naohhi says to Shaidval, "Can I ask that you use common? We have some non prydaen here, too."

Gemrardi says, "Yes clerical prydaen things...."

Shaidval exclaims to Naohhi, "Sacrelige!"

Naohhi asks, "Humor me for an ooc meeting?"

Shaidval says, "Alright. I have a couple of things, not including a list of Cleric specific things that I've already pestered Naohhi about, before I climb onto my soapbox."

Shaidval says, "First and foremost, a wider availability of "live prey" food options."

Shaidval says, "Be they in a store front, or in specific locations in the different provinces."

Gemrardi nods at Shaidval, obviously agreeing with her views.

Nakori meekly says, "Pet shops..."

Shaidval says, "The ability to catch a fish out of a stream, go into a field and catch a mouse, so on and so forth."

Gemrardi raises his hand.

Shaidval says, "More specifically however, I want the ability to once every 24 hours by our clock, be able to consume a kill."

Razzer says, "I am NOT eating a Tusky."

Shaidval says, "Smack something down and literally eat it, skin and all as is "tradtionally" proper."

Razzer chuckles.

Shaidval says, "The mechanic already exists in a way as the Last Rites ritual for Clerics."

Naohhi says, "No lie, I once played a Prydaen that did that. It greatly offended some other Prydaen for some reason."

Shaidval says to Naohhi, "They should've been next on the menu."

Naohhi D:

Nakori meekly says, "Ate one of the tree rats in front of ... Meganlique I think it was. She didn't approve at all."

Nakori scowls.

Xinge says, "Megan doesnt count."

Silvanus says, "Oh.. these sad meals of mine.."

Shaidval says, "Secondly, and this ties into Zen's desire for a place for lore but is more player based, we need more traditional stories in a documented form."

Shaidval says, "Something for our Dafo's and Bards to recite, sing so on and so forth."

Naohhi nods.

Shaidval says, "Then of course we'd need storytellers and bards to actually host those types of events, but that is an aside."

Shaidval says, "I"m sure we have creative people who'd be willing to submit entries for approval in that regard."

Zenrya says, "I know a few that would love to."

Razzer says, "I started a tale of a prydean ranger teaching a class of kits, and a Rakash ranger teaching a young pack, crossing paths in a hunting area."

Naohhi nods to Razzer.

Naohhi asks Shaidval, "More?"

Shaidval says, "Lastly, because it is all but impossible it seems to communicate to the Prydaen community, citing my ignorance of all but three of the people in this room, I put Shai forward as a traditional Prydaen Cleric, meaning I will always, always take the time to RP to the fullest of my abilities in regards to teaching young and ignorant Pryaden our "ways"."

Naohhi grins.

Shaidval says, "I've got agents who try their best to direct and deliver such to me no matter where I am, but spreading the word is spreading the word and this is the best forum I could imagine."

Gemrardi asks Shaidval, "Where have you been all my confused prydaen roleplaying life?"

Dragoonseal puts his mouse in his leather longcoat.

Shaidval says to Gemrardi, "Not in Crossing."

Nakori meekly says, "I am here today because Shaidval name-dropped enough stuff for me to get interested the first time I died."

Gemrardi exclaims to Shaidval, "You realize that is problematic!"

Xinge says, "Crossing might be the best place for the agents."

Silvanus says, "I tried to hold to the prydaen ways, and when I first died I got hell from the cleric raising me for not having favors with the gods that were not my own."

Shaidval says to Gemrardi, "Crossing is a cesspool for RP honestly. The OOC/IC barrier stretches mighty thin in every way around there."

Dragoonseal quietly says, "Oh god all the time, that got old."

Gemrardi asks, "And the lack of people elsewhere is helpful to interacting with people?"

Xinge says to Shaidval, "Its also the best place to catch new prydaen to convert over to traditional ways."

Jhesili says, "I still can't get used to all the touchy feely to be honest."

Silvanus says to Dragoonseal, "That boons were nice, but I can't seem to remember how to get there half the time."

Shaidval says to Xinge, "I have people in Crossing who try and rescue them."

Naohhi says to Shaidval, "I do want to say something to your request for live prey."

Naohhi says, "I'm fairly sure I left the new grove open, even when I took my break."

Shaidval says to Naohhi, "I'm done unless you want me to start waxing long on religion."

Nakori meekly asks Shaidval, "Who?"

Gemrardi says, "Me too..."

Shaidval nods to Naohhi.

Naohhi says, "It's at least one source, for now."

Jhesili grins at Naohhi.

Naohhi points at Gemrardi.

Shaidval says to Naohhi, "It is, but the food doesn't keep and traveling all the way to Crossing for a snack is a bit limited."

Naohhi says to Shaidval, "I've been meaning to look at the timer on them sometime."

Dragoonseal raises his hand.

Shaidval nods to Naohhi.

Gemrardi says, "A generic forage prey deal, and whatever prey is part of that room if any, well if you have the outdoorsmanship you 'forage' it up."

Zenrya says, "Yeah, the timer is terrible."

Zenrya says, "Five minutes tops."

Shaidval says to Gemrardi, "Not bad."

Gemrardi asks, "I mean it'd probably be a bit of stuff to code, but at least its part of an in place system?"

Zamara says to Naohhi, "I'd like it if those mice in the cage didn't make me "winkle my nose in distaste" when eating them."

Darkese says, "Or have an item we can put live prey in that keeps it alive."

Naohhi says to Gemrardi, "I'm really nervous of getting close to substances for live food, but it's something I'll put on the list to look into."

Naohhi points at Dragoonseal.

Darkese says, "A prey pouch."

Abasha says to Naohhi, "I've dealt with the system. I can help you there."

Dragoonseal quietly asks, "Did Prydaen age brackets change sometime in the last few years?"

Naohhi praises Abasha's efforts, supporting her with her approval.

Naohhi asks Dragoonseal, "Why do you ask?"

Dragoonseal quietly says, "I somehow shot past shadow-prowler..."

Gemrardi says to Dragoonseal, "A LOT of age stuff happened within the last few whiles."

Xinge says to Dragoonseal, "I think someone is walking in your yard."

Silvanus says, "Ah, but the thing is, he wasn't earlier in the meeting."

Silvanus says, "It just caught up on him all at once."

Naohhi says, "That is amusing."

Naohhi asks, "Did you adjust your AGE thingy?"

Dragoonseal quietly says, "I switched to the Normal age cycle instead of Empathic Long, thinking I was gonna land square in shadow-prowler according to the interwebs, but now I'm a sun-lounger."

Naohhi says, "Aha."

Dragoonseal quietly says, "So.. the age brackets must of changed at some point."

Dragoonseal quietly says, "And now everyone is making fun of me."

Gemrardi says, "Hey I haven't and won't make fun of you."

Xinge says, "I did and will continue."

Gemrardi says to Dragoonseal, "Well you'd probably have a problem no matter what from certain peoples."

Naohhi exclaims, "Okay, two more folks to go!"

Naohhi says, "Darkese is up now."

Darkese says, "A couple of my suggestions were put out already. First a Hub."

Darkese says, "Second live prey lasting longer or something we can put it in that doesn't kill it."

Darkese says, "Third, night sight would be neat."

Darkese says, "See in the dark sort of thing."

Darkese says, "And finally, the monk sect cantrip is ..bad."

Darkese says, "I have crystaline fur and a bald head."

Zamara says, "That is horrible."

Silvanus says, "Indeed."

Naohhi asks, "Have you seen what I did to myself?"

Darkese says, "I'm a nightmare."

Naohhi says, "You look amazing in comparison."

You see GameMaster Naohhi Ihhoan, a Prydaen.
Naohhi has a prominent cheekbones on a wedge-shaped face, cat-slitted soullessly black eyes and a narrow nose. She is bald, with slightly wrinkled and hairless skin instead of fur, a kinked tail and a wiry figure.
She is slightly under average height for a Prydaen.
She has transcended time.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a smiling platinum albatross, my big fat lyre, very GM. much power. such aweing. wow., a wobbly boggle doll with a pumpkin for a head, a baconsilk <3, your grandpa's big coat from the thrift shop down the road, an AGM hoodie, a comical green floatie in the shape of a green dinosaur with an oversized red tongue and no pants.

Darkese grins at Naohhi.

Xinge says, "Hahah gross."

Zamara says to Naohhi, "You have the most majestic wrinkles though."

Gemrardi whispers, "Your still wearing basonsilk..."

Xinge says, "Furless..."

Darkese says, "I wouldn't mind getting rid of the bald head and keeping the fur."

Shaidval says to Darkese, "You make me think of those crystal cat statues people put on their mantles and such."

Nakori meekly asks, "Bald... is that actually hairless bald, or just no-mane bald, but with normal fur on the head?"

Naohhi says, "I like to imagine Prydaen don't suffer hairless children to live, considering their culture."

Naohhi says to Nakori, "Bald bald no hair."

Darkese asks, "Can you see my brain?"

Darkese says, "I feel like it's exposed."

Darkese says, "And that was all my suggestions."

Xinge says, "The weird fleshbag look is.. terrible."

Naohhi says, "Elaborate on night sight."

Felruiane says, "That's terrifying."

Darkese says, "Something like tenebrous sense but on all the time."

Darkese says, "We should see in the dark. maybe rakash too."

Felruiane says, "Maybe we could see better with low light."

Naohhi nods.

Zenrya says, "A neat little message as the sun sets about vision refocusing in the dimmer light would be pretty neat."

Casaiaya says in Prydaenese, "We do have cat-slitted eyes... cats can make their pupils bigger to maximize how well they see in low light. No light, no sight..."

Darkese says, "My cat never bumps into the couch."

Gemrardi says, "I think elves would want that too, and well probably a few others... I'm not sure the in-game advantage would be allowed."

Xinge says, "Everyone gets it but humans."

Darkese says, "Poor humans."

Gemrardi asks, "And what do the humans get?"

Xinge says, "Extreme sweat verbs."

Zenrya says, "Even keel stats at startup."

Miskton says, "We get to do this."

Miskton raises his hand up and snaps incessantly while trying to hide a mischievous smirk.

Gemrardi says to Miskton, "Yes and I get to do this."

Gemrardi produces a muffled snap with the pads of his furry fingers.

Gemrardi says, "Which goes with how I resurrect someone."

Naohhi says, "Humans are Persida land, though if you have suggestions for humans that are not overtly offensive, I'm happy to relay them."

Gemrardi says, "I'm just wary of racial vs racial in-game advantages."

Xinge says, "Also guild abilities that create light."

Darkese says, "There is no absence of light making abilities in game so it wouldn't be a huge advantage."

Naohhi says to Gemrardi, "They're historically not supported. It's still an idea though."

Darkese says, "Not like everyone else is always lost in the dark."

Naohhi says, "Felruiane is rejoining us for another go."

Naohhi says, "And if anyone has stuff to share after, give me a whisper."

Felruiane says, "I would like to see a more complete Prydaen grammar system, and perhaps more vocabulary. I know this is a huge task."

Naohhi nods to Felruiane.

Dragoonseal quietly says, "Lots of old wounds getting opened in this meeting."

Gemrardi whispers to Naohhi, "Oh and I'd also like to discuss perhaps how we might try to keep a momentum going and try to help via in game/forums/working on databases, reports whatever."

Naohhi asks Felruiane, "While I'm personally not as familiar with Prydaenese as I could be, shoot me an email with specific holes you see that you think need addressing?"

Naohhi asks Felruiane, "Anything else for us?"

Naohhi whispers to Gemrardi, "Ah. I'll consider it!"

Naohhi says, "Razzer, you're up."

Razzer asks, "I'd really like to see more claw actions, so far we can only gaze at bout we can extend them and retract them?"

Shaidval says, "Anatomy: Do we have retractable claws? Someone asked me that the other day too."

Zamara asks, "Are ours even retractable?"

Xinge says, "Well some things show you extending them."

Zenrya says, "That would be nice with claws."

Razzer says, "Then with our tail verbs being so descriptive how bout a tail spike as a pryd only weapon....we could snap our tail at a critter."

Naohhi says, "A question I need to answer in the anatomy book, which is clearly going to be the first thing I do after this."

Silvanus says, "I would think a tail weapon would be more of a Skra thing.."

Casaiaya says, "Our tails are more whippy than clubby..."

Razzer says, "The tail of a s'kra is not as flexible as ours."

Zenrya says, "I'm not sure our tails would have the strength to swing a weapon."

Gemrardi says, "S'kra Mur are supposed to have the least developed tail muscles of all the playable races."

Silvanus says, "A blunt instrument."

Razzer says, "Not a huge weapon, a light one."

Naohhi says, "S'kra would never be so vulgar as to use their tails for that purpose."

Darkese says, "Are ours prehensile? that would be nice."

Gemrardi says, "But some GM slipped in a few verbs... and there the S'kra Mur has a more developed tail then they do."

Zamara says, "Prehensile cat tails are silly."

Razzer says, "Well if I can tickle another player our tails should be prehensile enough to handle a spike."

Naohhi says, "You keep making me think of monkey tails."

Casaiaya says, "Why not more something that could be attached to the tail, to function like a cat o nine tails? Be a brawling type weapon."

Dragoonseal quietly says, "I don't think our tails are really much more controlable than a normal cat's, we're just more consious of what we do with them."

Darkese exclaims, "I want to wield a dagger with my tail!"

Shaidval says, "The question is also how much Prydaen use their tails for balance and what adding weight to it would do to having to relearn how to move."

Bonesetter Saerwynn just arrived.

Naohhi nods to Shaidval.

Naohhi says to Razzer, "You have more? We got off on a tangent there."

Nakori meekly says, "Oh, on the subject of grammar. I wrote a song in Prydaenese, and noticed while doing that, that the Wheel Song's words are not all in the dictionaries."

Naohhi says, "Oh, fun."

Naohhi begins to weep softly.

Zenrya pats Naohhi on the back.

Jhesili pats Naohhi on the back.

Zenrya says, "You have your work cut out for you."

Naohhi asks Nakori, "Email that info to me?"

Nakori nods to Naohhi.

Zamara says, "I managed to find words that fit in the place of any that were missing when I made a Prydanese version back in 2009."

Felruiane says, "Luckily some of us like languages."

Felruiane grins.

Naohhi says, "I am a fellow language lover."

Naohhi exclaims, "Alright, last up!"

Zenrya says, "Fleshing out the dictionary more would be amazing."

Naohhi says, "Gemrardi."

Gemrardi says, "So my first thing is..."

Nakori meekly exclaims, "I wanna sing the Wheel Song in Prydaenese!"

(Nakori shushes down.)

(Zamara has a script that does that.)

Gemrardi asks, "Was well what was this properly consuming things in whole last rite thing Shaidval mentioned?"

Naohhi leans on Shaidval.

Gemrardi leans on Shaidval.

Shaidval asks Gemrardi, "Are you asking what I mean by, "properly"?"

Gemrardi says, "I kinda got lost with the WHOLE concept."

Shaidval says to Gemrardi, "In one of the resource books, it states that Prydaens consume their prey whole, skin and all."

Gemrardi says, "Can we actually perform a last rite in game..."

Gemrardi says, "Resource book, right... got it..."

Gemrardi says, "Continue please."

Nakori meekly says, "Clerics can sacrifice enemies to their gods with the killing blow or something..."

Gemrardi says to Nakori, "Doesn't sound like performing a last rite, sounds like sacrifice."

Shaidval says, "That is Sacrifice, Last Rites requires you to consencrate the area and not skin the creature, then pray [creature]."

Nakori meekly says, "Ahh."

Gemrardi says, "Didn't have a clue I could do that... sweet."

Naohhi asks, "Anyone else have stuff they'd like to share?"

Gemrardi says, "So my other thing.."

Gemrardi says, "Is that I thought it would be a swell idea (yes let's go back to the 50s)."

Razzer says, "Groovy."

Gemrardi says, "And come up with ways to brainstorm and help NaOHHI achieve goals."

Gemrardi swells.

Razzer says, "I suggest booze."

Shaidval says to Gemrardi, "That is a good question."

Gemrardi says to Razzer, "You can try and get her direct line and send her booze."

Nakori meekly says, "I wish Baum and Meanie were here."

Naohhi says, "Booze is the fuel of events, not so much development."

Shaidval asks Naohhi, "What can we do to help you?"

Darkese says, "I think the forage prey idea is great. Hope it happens."

Razzer says, "Cussing in pryd."

Razzer grins.

Nakori points at Razzer.

Nakori meekly says, "YES."

Naohhi says, "So, believe it or not, but you all have already helped quite a bit. I've taken down every idea shared. Not all of them can or will be done, I want to make that clear."

Felruiane raises her hand.

Razzer says, "Bunch of hisses n howls, a growl or two."

Nakori meekly exclaims, "Prrp mrrp to you sir!"

Felruiane says, "I have another possible suggestion, but I'm not sure if it exists already."

Shaidval says, "I always interpeted ear annoy and ear angry as Prydaen cussing and swearing."

Felruiane says, "In line with the life pray in home items, why can't we have home items at store life praying."

Felruiane says, "Please don't mind my typos."

Razzer says, "One hiss."

Xinge asks, "Live prey?"

Razzer says, "Hardly any flavor."

Naohhi says, "The live prey thing will require some visiting upon."

Gemrardi asks, "Most english swear words are one syllable?"

Nakori meekly asks, "Fish tanks that hold fish to eat?"

Felruiane says, "And the like."

Shaidval says to Naohhi, "Everything I say seems to require some visiting upon. Sorry."

Nakori mutters something into the air about always thought that's what the fish tanks were for.

Felruiane says, "Cages for mice, birds, etc."

Naohhi says, "There were reasons for the expiration timer in the past, but those reasons don't hold a lot of ground anymore considering other items in existence."

Zamara says, "I want to noodle for fish in rivers."

Razzer says, "Mice, birds, the wife."

Naohhi places her hand over Razzer's mouth.

Linessa asks, "Could make something similar to the boxes that store meat for companions?"

Naohhi says, "Thing is, you may not need a way to keep them fresh, depending."

Nakori meekly exclaims, "I once stocked up on some rats at the tree and dashed back to the Empath guild, but no one was there to kill them for me. Let them run free. Maybe they could be like devourers and wander room to room gobbling down herbs people drop!"

Darkese says, "Timers off would be easiest solution. then just need more places to get live food."

Xinge says, "Or not purr like a weirdo while eating it."

Naohhi says, "Yeah.. that."

Naohhi gazes off into the distance blankly.

Naohhi says, "I have my own thoughts about that."

Naohhi says, "By the way."

Naohhi says, "One thing I can."

Naohhi says, "Absolutely promise you that I will fight for."

Naohhi says, "Is to rewrite meow."

Naohhi says, "Because I hate it."

Nakori hugs Naohhi, and Naohhi gives her a smile in return.

Felruiane looks at Naohhi and applauds!

Shaidval says, "Oh sure, all the Clerics show up at the Prydaen meeting."

Xinge says, "Aww I thought it was equal rights."

Dragoonseal quietly says, "Mrrp though, I like that, better have a mrrrp somewhere."

Silvanus makes a mrrrp noise in the back of his throat.

Casaiaya makes a mrrrp noise in the back of her throat.

Dragoonseal makes a mrrrp noise in the back of his throat.

Naohhi says, "Weirdos."

Shaidval utters a brief, inquiring "mrrp?" in Naohhi's direction.

Xinge frowns, shaking his head with an expression of exasperation before resting his face in the palm of his hand.

Nakori meekly asks, "Purring while grooming ears being optional, I'd like. What if I want to groom an ear admonishingly?"

Naohhi asks, "Any last minute sharers before we recap and release the butterflies?"

Mircea directs a curious mrrrow at Naohhi.

Sijan says to Shaidval, "I assure you I am almost as far from a cleric as you can be."

Zamara says, "Racial greeting."

Dragoonseal raises his hand.

Naohhi says to Nakori, "Now you're understanding why I asked about feelings concerning those verbs."

Naohhi nods to Zamara.

Silvanus says to Dragoonseal, "Should just speak up, really.."

Naohhi says to Zamara, "Noted."

Naohhi points at Dragoonseal.

Dragoonseal quietly says, "Prydaens have been without a GM for.. a very long time. I just wanted to let you know how much it means to me that you're GMing for us."

Sijan says, "I hope that grooming someone else is consent."

Naohhi asks Abasha, "What was that think Shakahn used to do?"

Abasha asks Naohhi, "Eat Gnomes?"

Naohhi grins.

Abasha grins.

Naohhi asks Zamara, "Yes?"

Zamara says, "Someone who could not make it asked me to ask for "normal english" versions of our racial titles."

Naohhi says, "I support this."

Shaidval says, "The translations are all on the wiki."

Xinge says, "I like reading crazy gibberish."

Dragoonseal quietly says, "Agreed. Honestly the racial titles kinda bug me."

Soosha exclaims, "I'm here, the party can start!"

Naohhi says, "I'm not likely to take away something you guys already have, but adding to them is a possibility."

Nakori meekly exclaims, "Only Prydaens have Racial titles, my friend pointed out. Either give the other races some or change it from "Racial" to "Prydaen" to make us even more special!"

Razzer says, "Elves have em."

Zamara says, "I think the idea was to add regular versions of the existing ones."

Linessa asks, "Some of the Empath titles are racial?"

Darkese says, "English racial titles if i'm speaking common. let them be in prydaen if I'm speaking prydaen."

Naohhi says, "Titles don't really work that way."

Gemrardi says, "Be fun.."

Gemrardi says, "But there is none."

Gemrardi says, "So let's get this pun."

Shaidval asks Naohhi, "Oh! Speaking of titles in a roundabout way, is there ever going to be an opprotunity for PC's to be allowed into the Claws?"

Gemrardi says, "Because we're not done."

Naohhi says to Shaidval, "I vaguely recall some info on that that I'd prefer to go through before answering that."

Naohhi says, "I know there are players that have and do roleplay that they are members of some claws. I currently have no official stance on this other than to say, roleplay your heart out."

Dragoonseal quietly says, "Weird."

Gemrardi says, "Yes... wee. Awesome."

Shaidval says, "Er, I thought insinuating that you were a part of a Claw when you weren't was grounds for Demrris to come down and revoke your turn of the Wheel."

Dragoonseal quietly says, "Wait I thought that was like, a crime."

Shaidval says, "Forcibly."

Dragoonseal quietly says, "Claws are a big no no to pretend you're in."

Naohhi says to Shaidval, "Hey, I only said currently."

Gemrardi asks, "Demrris isn't realy currently?"

Gemrardi says, "Nooooo."

Naohhi says, "And I hate being the person to tell someone "nope your RP is wrong and your face is wrong and you are wrong wrong wrong and have to change your entire character personna that you spend weeks and months developing."

Shaidval says to Naohhi, "Be happy to hunt them down and adminster divine punishment."

Abasha says, "Here's the thing about all of that...."

Darkese says, "Hmm."

Dragoonseal quietly says, "I hear you Naohhi, but I mean some things fly in the face of limits."

Mircea says, "Couldn't have spent that much time if they didn't know that it was taboo to pretend being in a Claw."

Darkese says, "That's a huge rp change."

Abasha says, "When the whole Barrier thing happened, a lot of Prydaen culture got fractured. You guys have rebuilt since then."

Abasha says, "The Claw of Tenemlor would probably not be happy to have you claiming to be one of them."

Shaidval says to Abasha, "The entire Barrier scenario really got me thinking about that."

Naohhi nods.

Razzer says, "I think the best way to rebuild our culture is just be a freakin pryd."

Dragoonseal quietly says, "The Claws always seemed like the closest players would ever get would be maybe honorary members or friends of them."

Abasha says, "But otherwise... Well, I don't think Demrris is going to be smiting the people he still has, he's really just happy you're around and not a zombie."

Zamara says, "And stop marrying non-Prydaen."

Shaidval says, "That requires a true committment out of all of us to interact more and hold true to what we know."

Razzer says, "Now."

Shaidval says, "It starts with those of us here right now."

Razzer says, "My first wife was prydean."

Dragoonseal quietly says, "My condolences."

Dragoonseal quietly says, "Oh yeah, what's with the no whistling thing? Are Prydaen lips weird? I never got that."

Nakori meekly asks, "Do we have long muzzles?"

Naohhi jots down some notes.

Silvanus says to Gemrardi, "That was all I could think of.."

Naohhi says, "Lip anatomy.."

Shaidval says to Abasha, "I guess a lot of my personal selfish drive and questions revolving around all of that is how the Barrier scenario is going to be carried forward."

Nakori meekly asks, "No cheeks?"

Dragoonseal quietly says, "Or that."

Naohhi says, "Alright."

Naohhi says, "Quick recap and then we'll have some butterflies."

Naohhi says, "First thing you can expect to see will be an anatomy book."

Darkese asks, "Does anyone rp belonging to a claw?"

Zamara asks, "A specific book just for us, all races, or an update to the anatomy chart?"

Gemrardi says, "Nope, I RP to being part of a small adventuring party."

Razzer says, "I rp my guild."

Naohhi says to Zamara, "A book book like the lizard one."

Zamara says to Naohhi, "Oh, the kind with words. Gotcha."

Naohhi nods.

Soosha says, "Pictures are more fun."

Naohhi says, "Other stuff on the list, I'll work through and I'll reach out on the forums when I'm looking for submissions for anything, whether I host it as a contest or as general submission."

Naohhi says, "You can also expect to see some more lore stuff filtering out. I'll try to make sure it comes out in book form or something so that we have solid documentation."

Razzer says, "Be nice to have a book we could study."

Dragoonseal quietly says, "Exciting."

Jhesili says, "Mmm lore stuffs."

Naohhi says, "Also, thank you all for coming and behaving and having good ideas."

Jhesili says, "Books we can buy instead of read on shelves and carry like spell books would be amazing."

Naohhi says, "If there are any last minute questions, comments, or stuff you want to share, make it happen now, because I'm goign to drown you in butterflies in a moment."

Linessa says, "Any chance of another Prydaen mini-fest? Missed last year's by 2 weeks coming back from a break."

Gemrardi says, "Hear they come Thundercat underlings."

Gemrardi says, "Err Here they come..."

Jofka asks, "Also, there used to be a group of rakash and prydaen merchants that would pop up occasionally out near wolf clan, does that still happen?"

Dragoonseal quietly says, "Oh, are Prydaen alterers still around? I still have a Twansic token."

Linessa says, "Would love to see Twansic again."

Naohhi says to Jofka, "Those merchants are off market for the moment and cannot be brought out."

Naohhi says to Dragoonseal, "There are two that I know of."

Miskton says, "The Prydaen and Elothean culture faires were both really good times. Anything more along those lines would be great, whether bringing some of that stuff back, or moving onto other races."

Netherlich says, "What th."

Nakori meekly exclaims, "S'Kra fair!"

Netherlich says, "I just wandered in here."

Sijan says, "I love Yeyaru. He is a great alterer and Prydaen."

Gemrardi says, "OOC Prydaen meeting, welcome player of Netherlich."

Jofka asks Netherlich, "Got any prydaen ideas?"

Netherlich says, "Hmm."

Netherlich says, "Hi."

Netherlich asks, "Free balls of yarn for everyone?"

Jofka exclaims, "Racist!"

Nakori loudly boos Netherlich.

Naohhi says, "I thought about dropping mammoths actually."

Netherlich laughs!

Netherlich falls over.

Jofka asks, "What do you think, we all have super short attention spans and like to chase around widdle baws of stwing?"

Jofka says to Naohhi, "Release the butterflies."

Naohhi nods to Jofka.

Zenrya beams!

A colorful butterfly comes flying in!