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Description: This property is used to declare where, if at all, an item can be worn.
Type: string
Allows Value: generic, special, left eye, right eye, eyes, ear, ears, head, hair (tied), hair (placed), eyebrow, nose, neck, chest, shirt, shirt (with armor), shirt (without armor), arms, upper arm, wrist, hands, finger, back, shoulder, shoulders, abdomen, waist, belt, legs, thigh, pants, ankle, feet, tail

There are currently 34941 items in this property, 5551 of which are incomplete, and 147 of which are outdated.
  • generic: Used for items that are just worn, or otherwise fit in the "Items worn on the body" slot.
  • special: Used for items that are "worn" but do not take up a slot, such as forehead gems.

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Oak and walnut carrying case +belt  +
Oak box carved with ivy +belt  +
Oak comb with a strip of bark along the spine +hair (placed)  +
Oak contract case with wrought iron corners and clasp +belt  +
Oak drum (1) +belt  +
Oak herbal case inlaid with the Empaths' Guild crest +belt  +
Oak herbalist's case burned with the image of a compass +belt  +
Oak jiranoci gracefully inlaid with multi-hued shells +shoulder  +
Oak marking kit +belt  +
Oak mask carved with a solemn visage +head  +
Oak-hafted legionary's pilum carved with the image of a shrike +back  +
Oaken bolt box acid-incised with images of hunting nobility and fierce animals in a wooded glen +thigh  +
Oaken keg carved into the shape of a proud inkhorne displaying a twelve-point rack +shoulder  +
Oaken keg engraved with the image of a boisterous bar fight +shoulder  +
Oaken map case with a decorative treasureweave panel +belt  +
Oaken nose ring with knotted scrollwork burned into the surface +nose  +
Oaken tankard with a lid carved to resemble a foamy head of ale +belt  +
Oath ring of polished green jade that holds captive a tiny hourglass +finger  +
Oath ring of polished ivory that holds captive a tiny hourglass +finger  +
Oblong Ilithic applewood basket lined with inky purple silk +wrist  +
Oblong amulet suspended from a heavy bronze chain +neck  +
Oblong brooch of rough pozumshi +generic  +
Oblong polished silver flask +belt  +
Oblong smokewood humidor featuring a series of smoke image engravings +thigh  +
Obnoxiously large diamond engagement ring +finger  +
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