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Description: This property is used to declare where, if at all, an item can be worn.
Type: string
Allows Value: generic, special, left eye, right eye, eyes, ear, ears, head, hair (tied), hair (placed), eyebrow, nose, neck, chest, shirt, shirt (with armor), shirt (without armor), arms, upper arm, wrist, hands, finger, back, shoulder, shoulders, abdomen, waist, belt, legs, thigh, pants, ankle, feet, tail

There are currently 35074 items in this property, 5646 of which are incomplete, and 147 of which are outdated.
  • generic: Used for items that are just worn, or otherwise fit in the "Items worn on the body" slot.
  • special: Used for items that are "worn" but do not take up a slot, such as forehead gems.

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Ice blue cloak with a mountain scene painted on the back +shoulders  +
Ice blue silk skirt with frothy white chiffon petticoats +pants  +
Ice blue velvet cloak adorned with knotted silk and crystal clasps +shoulders  +
Ice blue velvet gown with a pleated skirt edged in embroidered milady's lace +shirt (with armor)  +
Ice climbing boots affixed with sharp crampons secured by tension clasps +feet  +
Ice queen mask framed with iridescent crystals +head  +
Ice skates of black leather stitched with vivid crimson dragons +shoulder  +, feet  +
Ice white large suede case +shoulder  +
Ice white medium suede case +shoulder  +
Ice white ribbon stitched with dancing bunnies +hair (tied)  +
Ice white small suede case +shoulder  +
Ice-blue ankle sheath +ankle  +
Ice-blue crystal medallion hanging from a niello chain +neck  +
Ice-blue glass pin in the shape of a turtle +generic  +
Ice-blue lace trimmed garter +thigh  +
Ice-blue leather pack embroidered with delicate white snowdrops +back  +
Ice-blue mesh backpack with dangling silver star charms +back  +
Ice-blue prayer sash of satin embroidered with a rimewolf +waist  +
Ice-blue satin cloak lined with watered-ivory silk +shoulders  +
Ice-blue satin gown embellished with a spray of black raven's feathers along the shoulder +shirt (with armor)  +
Ice-blue scarf knitted with an intricate snowflake pattern +neck  +
Ice-blue silk satchel with a white drusy quartz clasp +shoulder  +
Ice-blue snowdrop +generic  +
Ice-blue sochi clasped with glittering white drusy quartz +shoulders  +
Ice-blue thigh pouch embroidered with a bear caught in a howling blizzard +thigh  +
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