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A property for declairing that an item has a color used in it.

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Achaedi crystal +purple  +, gold  +
Acid-etched jeweled longsword +gold  +, golden  +
Acid-etched sabre with a black opal-inlaid pommel +black  +
Acid-etched tyrium target shield +silver  +, purple  +
Actor's prop satchel +ultramarine  +, navy blue  +, navy  +,
Adan'f scale belt embellished with polished silver studs +silver  +, afan'f  +
Adan'f skull mortar +silver  +
Adder-shaped sacrificial dagger +-  +
Adderstone cameo pendant faced with ivory +red  +, white  +
Adderwood cane with a black gold snake's head topper +black  +, yellow  +
Adderwood latchbow set with serpent's heart rubies +-  +
Adderwood shortbow shaped like twin serpents +blue  +, green  +, orange  +,
Admiral's cane topped with a tempest sapphire +blue  +
Admiral's cutlass with a fancifully engraved hilt +blue  +, metallic blue  +
Admiral's light crossbow crafted from smooth ebonwood +black  +
Adobe andradite bead necklace with a heavy gold clasp +brown  +, gold  +
Adorable pair of plush panda ears +black  +, pale  +
Adorable white bunny figure displaying sharp fangs +red  +, pink  +, white  +,
Adze +ebony  +, black  +
Aesetani applewood shortbow +grey  +
Afis earcuff +brown  +
Afis nose stud +brown  +
Agate donut pendant on a black cord +black  +
Agate signet ring with a stylized gladiolus +gold  +, yellow  +
Aged Ilithian cedar repair case +honey-colored  +, honey  +, gold  +
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