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Description: This page is used for holding the requirements for a title so that lists can be generated dynamically..... in theory.
Type: string

There are currently 5060 items in this property, 1128 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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G'nar Pethian +Must be a member of the Prophets of G'nar-Peth  +
Gadabout +At least 40 in Bardic Lore skill  +, At least 185 in highest lore skill  +, At least 20 in Charisma  +
Gakatari Gechifacha +Must be a Prydaen  +, At least 200 in highest Weapon skill  +, At least 300 in Stealth skill  +,
Gakatari Rure +Must be a Prydaen  +, At least 80 in highest Weapon skill  +
Gakatari Vayato +Must be a Prydaen  +, At least 45 in highest Weapon skill  +
Gallant (Barbarian) +Must know Superiority  +, At least 40 in Charisma  +
Gallant (Shield) +At least 250 in Shield Usage skill  +, At least 290 in Parry Ability skill  +, At least 390 in highest armor skill  +,
Gallivanter +Must subscribe to DragonRealms for 5 years or more.  +
Gambler (Moon Mage) +Must be a member of Fortune's Path  +
Gambler (criminal) +At least 180 in Thievery skill  +, At least 190 in Evasion skill  +, At least 30 in Charisma  +,
Game Warden +At least 400 in Scouting skill  +, At least 400 in Evasion skill  +, At least 350 in Skinning skill  +,
Gameskeeper +At least 400 in Skinning skill  +, At least 200 in Outdoorsmanship skill  +
Garden Seeker +Must be at least circle 70  +, Must be a member of the Prophets of G'nar Peth  +
Gardener +At least 50 in Outdoorsmanship skill  +
Garrotter +At least 50 in Backstab skill  +
Gemfire Flame +Custom title bestowed by Zipsy during Hollow Eve Festival 428.  +
Gemologist +At least 85 in Trading skill  +, At least 60 in Appraisal skill  +
Gemsmith +At least 380 in Trading skill  +, At least 250 in Appraisal skill  +, At least 200 in Perception skill  +
General (OrderLeader) +Must be a Speaker  +
General (Paladin) +At least 38 in Charisma  +, At least 490 in highest armor skill  +
General Counsel +Must be a member of an official order  +
General Member +Must be part of one of the Official Orders  +, Must be recognized as a General Member of your Official Order  +
General Practitioner +At least 100 in Empathy skill  +, At least 60 in First Aid skill  +, At least 60 in Outdoorsmanship skill  +,
Genethlialogist +Must be a member of the Celestial Compact  +
Geomancer +Must know all spells from the Earth Manipulation spellbook  +
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