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Description: A property for declaring an hindrance to stealth actions, for comparison purposes. Typically populated by the Armor Template.
Type: Number

There are currently 4691 items in this property, 831 of which are incomplete, and 1701 of which are outdated.

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Suit of matte black plate armor embellished with a blood red scorpion +15  +
Suit of oil-black plate armor fashioned to resemble a rock-strewn carapace +8  +
Suit of purple-trimmed armor encrusted with amethysts +8  +
Suit of shining ceremonial plate armor embellished with ribbons of ruby red +8  +
Suit of silver-washed chainmail worked with an elaborate crest upon the chest +4  +
Suit of tinted battle mesh highlighted with a pearl-encrusted blue spidersilk belt +4  +
Suit of woven armor composed of crisscrossed bands of thick canvas +4  +
Suit of yeehar-hide armor stamped on the back with a blazing sun +3  +
Sun-embossed steel breastplate +7  +
Supple armwraps of interwoven shadowleaf strips +1  +
Supple bardic blue leathers embossed with a bronze wren +3  +
Supple black hunting leathers embossed with hundreds of bright golden eyes +5  +
Supple black hunting leathers set with padded spiders at the shoulders +5  +
Supple black suede riding gloves with slender tracery +1  +
Supple dark leathers adorned with bronze studs shaped like horses hooves +3  +
Supple hunting leathers +3  +
Supple hunting leathers embossed with swirling wren feathers +5  +
Supple leather coat bearing a repeated pattern of purple-limned eyes +2  +
Supple leather gloves tooled with the imprint of a knife +1  +
Supple leather jerkin +2  +
Supple leather mask with an articulated leather beard +1  +
Supple oiled leathers a hand-tooled spread-winged raven along the front +3  +
Supple ring mail greaves +3  +
Supple ring mail vambraces +1  +
Supple stalking leathers dyed a deep amethyst +3  +
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