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Description: A property for declaring an hindrance to stealth actions, for comparison purposes. Typically populated by the Armor Template.
Type: Number

There are currently 4764 items in this property, 852 of which are incomplete, and 2209 of which are outdated.

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Tarnished ring mail cap accented with golden links +1  +
Tarnished ring mail gloves lined with soiled fur +2  +
Tarnished ring mail greaves tied with leather cording +5  +
Tarnished ring mail hauberk accented with gleaming golden links +7  +
Tarnished ring mail helm with a solid plate across the forehead +2  +
Tarnished ring mail lorica accented with a golden raven in flight +5  +
Tarnished ring mail mantle accented with a row of golden leaves +3  +
Tarnished ring mail mask with a fresh leather cord +1  +
Tarnished ring mail robe accented with gleaming golden links +5  +
Tarnished ring mail shirt accented with a gleaming golden crest +5  +
Tarnished ring mail sleeves with a golden band about the wrist +4  +
Tarnished ring mail tasset crafted from dull metal links +1  +
Tarnished steel half plate etched with a crow +7  +
Tarnished target shield displaying a large tankard +1  +
Tarnished target shield embossed with a rearing stallion +2  +
Tarnished target shield etched with a broken-hearted turnip +1  +
Tarnished tower shield etched with a broken hearted turnip +7  +
Tasseled leather gloves +1  +
Tasseled leather legwraps +1  +
Tasset +1  +
Tassled white kidskin armor +5  +
Tattered green robe +2  +
Tattered leather jerkin emblazoned in silver with a rearing dragon +3  +
Tattered shadowy shroud +7  +
Tattered shroud woven from rotting reeds and vines +2  +
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