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Description: A property for listing spell abbreviations.
Type: string

There are currently 384 items in this property, 30 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Kertigen's Will +KW  +
Kinetic Fling +fling  +
Kura-Silma +ks  +


Last Gift of Vithwok IV +lgv  +
Lay Ward +lw  +
Lethargy +none  +
Lightning Bolt +lb  +
Liturgy +none  +
Locate +none  +
Lyodin Albir +reimage  +


Machinist's Touch +mt  +
Magnetic Ballista +MAB  +
Major Physical Protection +mapp  +
Malediction +none  +
Manifest Force +maf  +
Mantle of Flame +mof  +
Maren Alshabi +disclose  +
Mark of Arhat +moa  +
Marshal Order +mo  +
Mask of the Moons +mom  +
Mass Rejuvenation +mre  +
Meah K'et +flare  +
Melyo'a Ihean +eye  +
Membrach's Greed +meg  +
Memory of Nature +MON  +
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