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Description: A property for listing spell abbreviations.
Type: string

There are currently 384 items in this property, 34 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Gar Zeng +gz  +
Gauge Flow +gaf  +
Geyser +none  +
Ghost Shroud +ghs  +
Gift of Life +gol  +
Gift of the Stars +refill  +
Glythtide's Gift +gg  +
Glythtide's Joy +gj  +
Grizzly Claws +griz  +
Grounding Field +gf  +
Guardian Spirit +gs  +
Gust of Wind +c g o w  +


Halo +halo  +
Halt +none  +
Hand of Tenemlor +hot  +
Hands of Justice +hoj  +
Hands of Lirisa +HOL  +
Harawep's Bonds +HB  +
Harm Evil +he  +
Harm Horde +hh  +
Harmony +harm  +
Heal +none  +
Heal Scars +hs  +
Heal Wounds +hw  +
Heart Link +hl  +
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