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Description: A property for declaring an armor's resistance to slice numerically, for comparison purposes. Typically populated by the Armor Template.
Type: Number

There are currently 3945 items in this property, 817 of which are incomplete, and 1156 of which are outdated.

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Brushed gold plate armor with overlays of intricately wrought ivy +12  +
Brushed silver-washed bascinet with a golden brow +8  +
Brushed steel great helm surmounted by a pair of stylized white wings +10  +
Brushed steel plate armor embellished with inlays of iridescent pearl +12  +
Buckled leather vambraces +5  +
Bulky fishmonger's gloves +3  +
Bulky silver wizard's robes with magical symbols around the hem +7  +
Burgundy double leathers decorated with bright yellow sunbursts +7  +
Burgundy leather gloves stitched on the backs with small sunbursts +4  +
Burnished bronze helm crested with a stiff fan of azure horse hair +7  +
Burnished chain balaclava with an electric blue cire face veil +11  +
Burnished chain gloves laced with steelsilk ribbon +11  +
Burnished chain hauberk with a rainbow-hued skirt of links below the waist +11  +
Burnished greaves (1) +10  +
Burnished greaves (2) +12  +
Burnished half plate (1) +11  +
Burnished half plate (2) +12  +
Burnished half plate embossed with a clenched fist +11  +
Burnished half plate embossed with a silver clenched fist +11  +
Burnished metal breastplate +9  +
Burnished plate gauntlets with enamel banded cuffs +10  +
Burnished silver gauntlets with sable leather cuffs edged in thin bronze chain +10  +
Burnished silver helm engraved with an ornate bronzed triskele +10  +
Burnished steel-riveted silver plate blazoned with a ruby-centered triskele +11  +
Burnished war plate emblazoned with a dragon entangled by serpents +11  +
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