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Description: A property for declaring an armor's resistance to slice numerically, for comparison purposes. Typically populated by the Armor Template.
Type: Number

There are currently 3990 items in this property, 822 of which are incomplete, and 1158 of which are outdated.

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Tall black leather boots polished to a high gloss +6  +
Tall leather boots armored with articulated steel plates +14  +
Tan and white cowhide leathers with steel rivets +7  +
Tan leather coat +7  +
Tan suede chef's oven mitts +5  +
Tan trenchcoat +2  +
Tanned jaguar mask with carved ivory teeth +6  +
Tanned leather breastplate +5  +
Tanned leather helm +6  +
Tapered demonscale helm darkened to a deep abyssal black +8  +
Tarnished Elven chainmail +6  +
Tarnished chain gloves edged in a seven-pointed star motif +12  +
Tarnished chain shirt +7  +
Tarnished chain shirt embellished with a shield-shaped medallion +10  +
Tarnished chainmail hauberk worked to display a seven-pointed star +12  +
Tarnished chainmail hauberk worked to display a seven-pointed star upon the chest +12  +
Tarnished plate greaves +7  +
Tarnished plate vambraces +7  +
Tarnished ring mail aventail accented with a studded leather strip +12  +
Tarnished ring mail balaclava crafted from differently sized links +12  +
Tarnished ring mail cap accented with golden links +12  +
Tarnished ring mail gloves lined with soiled fur +12  +
Tarnished ring mail greaves tied with leather cording +12  +
Tarnished ring mail hauberk accented with gleaming golden links +12  +
Tarnished ring mail helm with a solid plate across the forehead +12  +
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