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Description: A property for declaring an armor's resistance to slice numerically, for comparison purposes. Typically populated by the Armor Template.
Type: Number

There are currently 4019 items in this property, 816 of which are incomplete, and 2066 of which are outdated.

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Reinforced greaves +6  +
Reinforced hide gloves +5  +
Reinforced hide gloves with thick padding +7  +
Reinforced icy blue leather coat edged with copper embroidery +6  +
Reinforced leather cavalier hat adorned with owl down pinned up by a golden staff +6  +
Reinforced leather greaves secured with brass buckles +6  +
Reinforced niveous helei leather coat with a close-fitting waist +7  +
Reinforced niveous smoi leather coat edged with blackwork embroidery +7  +
Reinforced oilcan with a missing bottom +14  +
Reinforced pale blue leather coat edged with silver embroidery +7  +
Reinforced steelsilk robe layered atop an armored base +6  +
Reinforced swordsman's greaves strengthened by riveted bindings +8  +
Reinforced vambraces +6  +
Ribbed leucro bone gloves +5  +
Ribbed mammoth bone balaclava embellished with blackened moonsilver +7  +
Ribbed mammoth bone gloves set with blackened moonsilver +7  +
Ribbed mammoth bone hauberk inlaid with blackened moonsilver +7  +
Ribbed moradu-bone hauberk reinforced with shadowleaf binding +7  +
Ribbed zeltfish bone robe draped in tattered silverweave +5  +
Rich blue leather cavalier hat with a long golden plume +6  +
Rich purple breastplate +7  +
Rich purple breastplate (2) +6  +
Rich purple breastplate decorated with verenite +7  +
Rich sable dress leathers fitted with an ornate fire-gilded sword arm guard +5  +
Rigging gloves +2  +
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