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Description: A property for declaring an armor's resistance to slice numerically, for comparison purposes. Typically populated by the Armor Template.
Type: Number

There are currently 3950 items in this property, 818 of which are incomplete, and 1155 of which are outdated.

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Dark green leather cowl draped with seaweed-like leather strips +7  +
Dark green leathers textured to resemble woven seaweed +7  +
Dark green plate armor pattern-welded with ornate scrollwork +12  +
Dark leather armor trimmed with silver leucro fur +6  +
Dark leather bandit's mask with narrow slits for eyes +5  +
Dark leather mask painted with a demonic visage +5  +
Dark leathers embossed with a rearing dragon chased in silver +7  +
Dark plate armor polished to a glossy black +12  +
Dark purple suede gloves with gold thread stitched along the fingertips +2  +
Dark red asini breastplate of teardrop plates set in a repeating pattern +14  +
Dark red gauntlets with golden rivets +12  +
Dark spiked gauntlets +10  +
Dark steel gauntlets affixed with curved talons +10  +
Dark steel gauntlets set with shadowy sapphires +10  +
Dark steel helm shaped in the visage of a snarling dragon +7  +
Dark steelsilk balaclava (1) +2  +
Dark steelsilk balaclava (2) +7  +
Dark steelsilk gauntlets (1) +2  +
Dark steelsilk gauntlets (2) +7  +
Dark stone-studded gloves +5  +
Dark suede tunic lined with chainmail +7  +
Darkened blue chain coif of finely wrought links crested with the visage of a griffon +8  +
Darkened blue chain gauntlets backed with bladed knuckles +7  +
Darkened chain balaclava adorned with an iron dragon circlet +8  +
Darkened chain balaclava with a filigree gold neckband +11  +
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