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Description: Contains a string representing the technique which makes the creation of the recipe easier.
Type: string

There are currently 980 items in this property, 25 of which are incomplete, and 80 of which are outdated.

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Lamellar cap (crafted) +Extremity Brigandine Armor Design  +
Lamellar greaves (crafted) +Extremity Brigandine Armor Design  +
Lamellar mask (crafted) +Accessory Brigandine Armor Design  +
Laminar hauberk (crafted) +Complete Brigandine Armor Design  +
Lance (crafted) +Advanced Polearm Weapon Design  +
Large horseshoe (crafted) +Utility Forging  +
Latchbow (crafted) +Advanced Powerful Crossbows  +
Leaf blade sword (crafted) +Advanced Bladed Weapon Design  +
Leather heavy combat boots(crafted) +Extremity Leather Armor Design  +
Leather lootbag (crafted) +Leather Container Design  +
Leather lootbelt (crafted) +Leather Container Design  +
Leather lootpouch (crafted) +Leather Container Design  +
Leather lootsack (crafted) +Leather Container Design  +
Light backplate (crafted) +Torso Plate Armor Design  +
Light battle crossbow (crafted) +Advanced Powerful Crossbows  +
Light breastplate (crafted) +Torso Plate Armor Design  +
Light crossbow (crafted) +Balanced Crossbow Crafting  +
Light field plate (crafted) +Complete Plate Armor Design  +
Light forester's crossbow (crafted) +Advanced Balanced Crossbows  +
Light half plate (crafted) +Complete Plate Armor Design  +
Light pernach (crafted) +Proficient Blunt Weapon Design  +
Light plate aventail (crafted) +Accessory Plate Armor Design  +
Light plate cuirass (crafted) +Torso Plate Armor Design  +
Light plate fauld (crafted) +Torso Plate Armor Design  +
Light plate gauntlets (crafted) +Accessory Plate Armor Design  +
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