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Description: A property for declaring this source is not commonly available, to trigger the proper handling of rare items. Usually handled by store templates, it may need to be hand entered for events.
Type: boolean

There are currently 80175 items in this property, 16124 of which are incomplete, and 4444 of which are outdated.


This property has the following 1 subproperty:


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Lace-edged spidersilk tunic dyed in a mosaic of varying green hues +true  +
Lace-edged violet silk garter adorned with a crystal eye charm +true  +
Lace-edged wristlet of ivory spidersilk embroidered with spring flowers +true  +
Lace-fringed black silk parasol +true  +
Lace-fringed gold silk parasol +true  +
Lace-fringed pink silk parasol +true  +
Lace-fringed silver silk parasol +true  +
Lace-fringed white silk parasol +true  +
Lace-trimmed Morganae's Fan quilt +true  +
Lace-trimmed blue linen pillow +true  +
Lace-trimmed cotton bloomers tied at the knee with silk ribbons +true  +
Lace-trimmed gold silk garter +true  +
Lace-trimmed green velvet skirt +true  +
Lace-trimmed moneybelt +true  +
Lace-wrapped serpent made of plumwood +true  +
Laced leather riding boots with polished brass spurs +true  +
Laced mail chausses +true  +
Lacewood cabinet +true  +
Lacewood guiro carved into the shape of a crouching frog +true  +
Lacewood lap harp decorated with silver dancing pivuh +true  +
Lacewood ocarina adorned with glittering sapphire and amethyst butterflies +true  +
Lacewood parchment case with an engraved gold clasp +true  +
Lacewood trinket case printed with a vibrant mermaid +true  +
Lacey choker tatted from ebony silken threads fastened in place by a Bardic Spirit Knot +true  +
Lacey choker tatted from golden silk threads fastened in place by a Bardic Spirit Knot +true  +
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