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Description: A property for declaring this source is not commonly available, to trigger the proper handling of rare items. Usually handled by store templates, it may need to be hand entered for events.
Type: boolean

There are currently 80189 items in this property, 16122 of which are incomplete, and 4444 of which are outdated.


This property has the following 1 subproperty:


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K'miriel costume with attached mask +true  +
K'trinni sha-tai +true  +
Ka'hurst light throwing axe wrapped in swamp moss +true  +
Ka'hurst nose ring +true  +
Ka'hurst oath ring set with a marquise-cut vengeance ruby +true  +
Ka'hurst scissors +true  +
Ka'hurst throwing dagger +true  +
Ka'len +true  +
Kadriash +true  +
Kaelynor +true  +
Kaerine +true  +
Kaerna clay mortar +true  +
Kaerna strip steak +true  +
Kahtalhh +true  +
Kaith Kirm button +true  +
Kaiva +true  +
Kakgermo +true  +
Kalag Ka'Hurst +true  +
Kalag The Black +true  +
Kalag the Sly +true  +
Kalavuul +true  +
Kalayara +true  +
Kalazashi +true  +
Kaldar anatomy chart +true  +
Kaleidoscopic jumping spider inlaid with ammolite +true  +
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