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Description: A property designed to support works of in-game journalism.
Type: String

There are currently 150 items in this property, 0 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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The First Land Herald/409-01-17 +Introducing the First Land Herald - The Elpalzi Threat  +
The First Land Herald/409-01-30 +Elpalzi Bombs  +
The First Land Herald/409-01-34 +Elpalzi Assassin Strikes  +
The First Land Herald/409-03-30 +Festival of Guilds: Final Days  +
The First Land Herald/410-01-20 +Princess Arilana Sails - Elpalzi Stronger - Asketi's Ride  +
The First Land Herald/410-02-09 +Champion Elpalzi Storm for Hours  +
The First Land Herald/410-03-01 +Elpalzi Assassin Strikes Again - Mysterious Journal Unearthed - Strange Sounds in Turmar Mines  +
The First Land Herald/410-03-16 +Assassin Tengh Continues Bloody Work  +
The First Land Herald/410-03-37 +Assassin Zhnai Walks - New Assassin Zayerg - Prydaen Faire Success  +
The First Land Herald/410-04-17 +Elpalzi Destroy Ulf'Hara Keep - Numerous Nobles Walk  +
The First Land Herald/410-05-01 +Turmar Miners Lost, Return Insane - Survivor Vathbiirk Speaks of Escaping the Keep  +
The First Land Herald/410-06-09 +Dergatian Chrysalis Awakens - The 'First' Attacks Crossing and Ru'atin Sister  +
The First Land Herald/410-06-29 +The First Claims Peri'el Slain  +
The First Land Herald/410-06-37 +Both Fists Erupt - Sister Tasrhhsu Says Peri'el Not Dead  +
The First Land Herald/410-07-09 +Sister Tasrhhsu Sacrificed, Recovering - Fists Continue to Erupt - Vigil for Peri'el Brings Visions  +
The First Land Herald/410-07-17 +A Light of Hope is Found - Music to Bring Sunlight to Peri'el  +
The First Land Herald/410-07-28 +The First Defeated, Sky Clears - Spider Festival Arrives  +
The First Land Herald/410-09-37 +Dressmaker Fritha Walks, Poison Suspected  +
The First Land Herald/411-04-05 +Elpalzi Attack Again After Long Hiatus  +
The First Land Herald/411-04-29 +Wyverns Attack the Crossing, Shard, and Therengia  +
The First Land Herald/411-09-09 +Elpalzi Attacks Continue Against Crossing  +
The First Land Herald/413-07-10 +'Kitchen Sink' Invader Strikes  +
The First Land Herald/413-08-23 +Dreadful Drogorian Drama - Goblins at Northeast Gate  +
The First Land Herald/414-01-17 +Royal Family Returns - Ice Eels Attack Travelers - Guardians Continue Attack on Zoluren  +
The First Land Herald/414-02-08 +Drogor's Minions Descend  +
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