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Description: A property to declare that a page is missing some sort of essential information. Use it in conjuction with the {{incomplete}} tag.
Type: string

There are currently 20270 items in this property, 11898 of which are incomplete, and 3427 of which are outdated.

Subproperty of: Property:is incomplete

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YES! arrow +Infobox entry on force of impact  +
YES! pellet +Infobox entry on force of impact  +
YOU'RE IT bolt +Infobox entry on force of impact  +
YOU'RE WELCOME arrow +Infobox entry on force of impact  +
Yabul +Infobox entry for guild  +, Infobox entry for race  +, Infobox entry for gender  +,
Yak hair gem pouch embroidered with a ruby-eyed black raven +Infobox entry on internal size  +
Yak horn composite bow +Infobox entry on ammo capacity  +, Infobox entry on ranged roundtime  +
Yak's blood wine +Infobox entry on number of uses  +
Yak-shaped jellybeans +Infobox entry on LOOK description  +
Yalleck +Infobox entry for location  +
Yavash-red leather cloak clasped at the neck with a glistening white gold star set with a dark sapphire +Infobox entry on internal size  +
Yellow Xibar topaz +Infobox entry on LOOK description  +
Yellow bristled gremlin +Infobox entry on maximum arranged skin value  +, Infobox entry on manipulate 1 skill  +, Infobox entry on manipulate 2 skill  +,
Yellow cloth hair wrap dangling with silvery owl feathers +Infobox entry on location worn  +
Yellow daffodil +Name and capitalization needs to be checked  +
Yellow painted box with an enameled clasp +Infobox entry on internal size  +
Yellow pouch embroidered with a pair of scissors +Infobox entry on internal size  +
Yellow rat snake-handled bola +Infobox entry on force of impact  +, Infobox entry for weight  +
Yellow silk drum pouch embroidered with golden buttercups +Infobox entry on internal size  +
Yellow velvet pouch crafted to resemble a lemon custard tart +Infobox entry on internal size  +
Yellow-bellied chavener +Infobox entry on LOOK description  +
Yellow-breasted teal cloak adorned with a rainbow-hued hood +Needs hiding properties listed  +, Infobox entry on internal size  +
Yellow-orange top hat with a chocolate brown band +Infobox entry on internal size  +
Yellowed bone armor +Infobox entry on weight  +
Yellowed bone balaclava painted to resemble a rotting brain +Infobox entry on weight  +
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